The biggest trends for your home in 2018

Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto breaks down some of the biggest trends to revamp your home in the new year, including kitchen tech gadgets and hot interior design trends.
5:12 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for The biggest trends for your home in 2018
First, we are looking at the new frien trends for a home makeover. Here to help us pull it off is Lori bergamotto. I love the audience response. Yesterday, you were on the show to talk about old fashions, but now we're talking about bold choices for our home in 2018. Exactly, and Paula, you can't get much bolder than this color, which is the color of the year. It's this beautiful red. Gorgeous. Your cues nicely today. Like the library with books on it. If this is bold for you, which this is a red carpet for your house, but if this is too much, sage. Calming. It's been a rough year, and sage is a way to kind of just all relax a little bit. I think we need to relax. Searches for sage went up 170% on Pinterest just in the last couple of months. I love green. It's the sign of life, and it's just ethereal and relaxing. It's, like, nature. This is therapeutic. I'll just paint the rest of this segment. I see this making a big comeback. There you go. So what this is, you may recognize this from, like, subways or from your elementary school floors. Yep. This actually started in the 18th century, and it used to be a luxurious thing, and people look at it now as this is affordable and cool, and it feels like the '70s a little bit, but it can be expensive to do. There is that marble inside the granite. Do we have a budget friendly option? We do. We found this on for $11 a roll. This is not the full roll. You see it's adhesive, and you can do it to your counter tops or floors. Oh, this is perfect. You want to pick out our tile, which is right now, the trending tile, and all of this is from clay. Beautiful, geometric tile, and G geometric designs and people are using this on their bathrooms to look like wallpaper. Affordable and fun. Now we move onto the kitchen. App-based appliances. This is going to distract me from everything else, and I'll end up burning the food. Tell me how this works. They come in everything from slow cookers to coffee makers to even ovens. Let's say you're running late or in a meeting, you can pop on your phone and say, stop cooking. Or oven, turn down to just warming. There are a lot of things you can do. But if you are not, you know, a lot of people aren't into the techie thing -- or cooking. Even if you are not into cooking or you are, the instant pot is the number one seller on Amazon this year. It is matting. This actually replaces nine appliances in your kitchen. A slow cooker, rice cooker. It can make yogurt. Diane Macedo was talking about this. It can make yogurt. You can do so many things with this, and the trend for 2018 that you will see, is everybody will come out with instant pot recipes, instant pop cookbooks. It will be about revolving life and recipes around this gadget. Now we have no reason not to cook anymore. That's right. Okay. Get on it, Paula Faris. I'll get on it. We also have some trends for nutrition and plant-based foods? Yes. I'm sure a lot of us here have heard of gluten-free and vegan, and a lot of that is around the idea of replacing carbohydrates with plant milk. This is pea milk. P-e-a milk. I want to make that clear. This has a higher protein and less sugar. Did I lose you? You lost me. There are things on this table like muffins and pasta, that you would think, that's not healthy for me, but it's all been -- Plant-based. There are plant-based proteins. You have soybeans and chick peas and all of those things infused and replacing the bad stuff and putting the good stuff in. Speaking of good stuff -- do I spell mushrooms? Coffee. I smell mushrooms. If you have a problem with the acidity of coffee, it is easier, and mushrooms are good for you. Not just a port bellsteak, people. I need my coffee. This would be the healthiest cup of coffee. Cheers to a healthy 2018. I need some butter. I feel like mushrooms need sauteed butter. Cheers. Cheers to 2018. Coming up, the stars of one of the hottest new comedies

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto breaks down some of the biggest trends to revamp your home in the new year, including kitchen tech gadgets and hot interior design trends. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52018678","title":"The biggest trends for your home in 2018","url":"/GMA/video/biggest-trends-home-2018-52018678"}