Biggest Waste of Money: Are You Throwing Money Away on Groceries?

Find out how much the average household wastes every year and what you can do to save money at the supermarket.
5:24 | 05/19/16

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Transcript for Biggest Waste of Money: Are You Throwing Money Away on Groceries?
you. Time to kick off our biggest waste of money series where we reveal the hidden ways you may be wasting cash and what you can do to get it back. This morning we're starting with your fridge. Becky Worley has more. We know we throw food away and waste a little bit here, a little there but what if we turn that wasted food into dollars and made the savings into a game show. ♪ the waste staggering. A quarter of fresh food thrown out, so how can we avoid that waste and save? First meat. Me, I always buy fresh. Use a few, freeze a few. Hold on there, Becky. My savings Jeanie, Jeanie Ahn -- Fresh is not always best. You need to use it right away. Reporter: Buy frozen unless you're eating it that night. To illustrate the potential savings, a game show of sorts. A family of four. They buy frozen chicken instead of fresh, how much can they save. 0 dollars. $100. Maybe $100. $200. You won my game show. It's $240 but it's close enough. You win $240 worth of frozen chicken. Really? Do you think it would be better if I gave you $240 in cash? Are you kidding me? Reporter: Wait, what am I going to do with all this chicken? You win $240 worth of frozen chicken. Wow. Reporter: Okay, let's talk produce. I always buy organic. Wait. Becky, the environmental working group says they are 15% veggies you don't need to buy organic like grapefruit and managoes keep it out. Frt where you eat the skin better to go organic. The savings? 10% to 15%. I would say 10% to 20%. 50%. You're right, 47%. You win is $47 in pineapples. Whoa. Hold on. Hold on. Reporter: That's a $600 a year savings. Now something that saves a little money and some time. The recipe calls for a quarter cup of celery. Salad bar. Head to the salad bar. Salad bar. Genius. And prechopped. Sure enough the salad bar version only costs me 80 cent, less waste, more savings and you walk away a winner. Now, just so you know in that segment about food waste, no food was wasted. We're all struggling to eat healthier and that leads to so much waste. In fact, this is how much the average family throws out every year between 100 and $2200. That puts it in perspective. We want to play a game now that will really drive it home and hopefully win you all some cash. So here's how it goes. Our audience will be represented by Samantha from North Carolina. Samantha gets two out of three questions right she and the audience split the value of these shopping carts. Whoa. The cash money value if you need a life line we have our shopping expert crazy coupon lady and named herself. Joanie Demer. Question one. Question one, what vegetable makes potatoes sprout and go bad so you shouldn't store it with your potatoes? Is it "A," onion, "B," yams, "C," radishes? Ticktock, tick, tock. Joanie, we need you. Lifeline. All right. So onions actually produce moisture and gas which cause Poe Tate toys to go bad more quickly. So to prolong the life of your spuds and onions store them separately in a cool dry well ventilated area. I'd go with "A," onions. Okay, there you have it. What do you say? Let's do it. Ding, ding, ding. All good, baby. One step closer to winning the contents. The value of them. All right. Question number two, very quickly, which vegetable should you water, trim and tore in the fridge kind of like flowers. Bean, snap peas, asparagus. Oh, I know. I don't know. Lifeline. We're going to use it again. We need you, Joanie. Lifeline. All right, when I bring my asparagus home I trim the ends off because they dry out like flowers. I store them upright in a glass with just a couple inches of water so I'd go with asparagus is there that is correct. Asparagus. All right. Again. They get that money split all up. Ladies, here's the money. Whoo! Who needs money? Who needs money? Whoo! You all have won how much money? $1490, 150 bucks each. Everything in these carts is going to charity.

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{"id":39216083,"title":"Biggest Waste of Money: Are You Throwing Money Away on Groceries?","duration":"5:24","description":"Find out how much the average household wastes every year and what you can do to save money at the supermarket.","url":"/GMA/video/biggest-waste-money-throwing-money-groceries-39216083","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}