Bill Belichick Explains NFL 'Deflate-Gate' in His Own Words

The head coach of the New England Patriots cites "atmospheric conditions" as the cause of the NFL playoff scandal.
4:58 | 01/25/15

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Transcript for Bill Belichick Explains NFL 'Deflate-Gate' in His Own Words
Now to the new developments in the deflate-gate scandal. The coach calling an impromptu press conference, sounding more scientist than coach. Linzie Janis is here to break it down. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. Bill belichick says he spent the last week conducting an internal review of his team's process of breaking this their footballs. He gave several potential reasons why they may have become defla deflated. This morning, some now asking, was he trying to blind us with science? Bell chick confident his team didn't break any rules. The organization followed every rule to the letter. Reporter: In a surprise news conference, belichick finally ready to explain how he thinks 11 of 12 patriots footballs got deflated in last Sunday's game against the colts. Touchdown! Ically mattic conditions. Eke limb yum state. Atmospheric conditions. Reporter: Sounding more high school science teach than football coach. The preparation of the ball caused the ball to, I would say be artificially high in psi. Reporter: Talking about how rubbing footballs to break in the leather affects their air pressure once the team takes field. It reached its equilibrium at some point later on, an hour, two hours. That level was below what was set this in climactic condition. Reporter: Earning the nickname, bill belichick, the science guy. We asked the real science guy, bill nye, what he thought. I'm not too worried about coach belichick competing with me. What he said didn't make any sense. Reporter: It falls flat. Reporter: Rubbing the football, I don't think you can change the pressure. To really change the pressure, you need one of these. Reporter: Our science expert admitting he left out one crucial bit of data. I cannot help but say, go seahawks. Reporter: Belichick saying he's also moving on. This is the end of this subject for me for a long time. Reporter: While saying he understands its importance, belichick saying he's embarrassed about the amount of time he's put into deflategate relative to preparing for the super bowl. Great get by the science guy saying that falls flat. For more, let's brink in Jesse palmer. Bill belichick had exonerated the patriots. Saying the footballs naturally deflated. The colts footballs didn't. Did he hurt himself or help? He did educate himself on footballs. That was a 19-minute symposium on footballs. The biggest key to me, two hours and 15 minutes before the game, the referees have both sets of footballs in the locker roop. They set the level. At kickoff, 11 of the 12 for the patriots were less. Something happened in that time window. That's the thing nobody can explain right now. The NFL considering everything that's happened this season, has to get this right. But it's going to be a distraction heading into super bowl week. Can you think of why H is taking so long? The patriots have been accu accused in the past of using deflate D footballs. Maybe that's why the NFL is lo looking at past cases. You need definite evidence this time. Bill belichick should have been in the film room game-planning. I have to be honest, this didn't affect the outcome of the game at all. It just raises the questions of playing by the rules. Would this city be a story if it weren't the patriots? No, I don't think so. This is the patriots. They're team people love to hate. This is a team people look at as potential cheaters. It's not just deflategate. In 2007, they were accused and found guilty of stealing the new York jets' signals. The patriots lost draft picks and bill belichick was fined for that. They are a sexy team. That's why it's a big story. As always, Jesse palmer, expert analysis. Get back to the science lab. I'm from Boston. I love to love them. Just for the record. We appreciate you calling them a sexy team. That's how we think of them as well. Bringing sexy back.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The head coach of the New England Patriots cites \"atmospheric conditions\" as the cause of the NFL playoff scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28464054","title":"Bill Belichick Explains NFL 'Deflate-Gate' in His Own Words","url":"/GMA/video/bill-belichick-explains-nfl-deflate-gate-words-28464054"}