Billboard's 2014 Songs of Summer Revealed

Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:40 | 09/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billboard's 2014 Songs of Summer Revealed
All right, what's popping is an exclusive reveal of billboard's 2014 songs of summer. So any guesses, you guys what the song of summer is? You have a favorite? "Rude." That's on there. No? Amy. She's thinking. All this pressure I can't think of a song now. What happened to me. Tell a joke. Oh, no, I can't think of one. So tell us. I shall. Number three is "Far from a problem." Love that song. "Problem." I do like that. Number two song is magic! "Rude." I can't stop singing that. Tavis so fun having them on the show and then number one slot going to another artist who came to sing on "Gma," iggy azalea's "Fancy." Good one. That song hit top billboard list for seven cooks. She is on quite a run. Congratulations and there you go. Now you have ear worms. You'll be singing all day. Hey, I know, I'm being a little -- well, it's a Penn state story. This is online. Penn state's mascot the Nittany lion may want to watch his back. Sneezy the squirrel is burrowing her way into hearts. This tame female squirrel so relaxed around humans that she will allow one opportunity to dress her up and pose her for photos like these. Her Facebook page, sneezy's has over 22,000 that beats out the Nittany lion's page. That was St. Patrick a day. Always a fun one on the Penn state campus. The student Mary -- not that I would know, mom. I was in the library. The student offering sneezy, all she needs is a peanut or two and Mary lets her run off on the main lawn to do they are thing in her favorite oak tree. How did she get -- We'll buy all that. How did she -- that's a trained squirrel. Sneezy is very talented. Respect you receiving an honor from your alma mater. The grand marshal of Penn state's homecoming this year and let me tell you when I was back at Penn state, never did I think that would happen. That's a great honor. I always had a lot of fun at homecoming. Now I will be leading the charge. But you can't drink 48 hours ahead of time. It'll make sense later. It'll make sense later. And finally, everybody, David hasselhoff has been reunited with his sidekick Kitt. From "Knight rider." This time the Hof is filming a commercial for Samsung's smart home and Kitt, the original smart car, well, he is a little bit jealous. Everything is seamlessly connected. Ow! I haven't been connected since 1982. The Hof no stranger to advertising and doing it well. His gig with Cumberland farms was such a huge hit it caused a crime wave, get it, crime wave. They -- on the beach. Of Hof cutouts being stolen from the stores. We actually covered that back when gaa was alive and well. I saw David hasselhoff in Sweden. I walked out of my hotel room. He's walking to his room. Seriously. We had a nice conversation. He's huge in Sweden. He's huge. I thought it was Germany he's huge. No, he's huge there too. All of Europe. I was not hassling the Hof. You got it in there. Right. That's "Pop news."

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{"id":25226893,"title":"Billboard's 2014 Songs of Summer Revealed","duration":"3:40","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index. ","url":"/GMA/video/billboards-2014-songs-summer-revealed-25226893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}