Billy Joel Puts Hamptons Beach House Up For Sale

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:36 | 07/26/14

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Transcript for Billy Joel Puts Hamptons Beach House Up For Sale
All right time for "Pop news" and over to Sara. A good one, I hear. Extra special one. I won't ruin it yet. If you've dreamed of living like a rock star and have an extra, $20 million lying around, why not live it up like Billy Joel. The musician is selling his Hamptons beach house which come wtsz a gourmet kitchen, 180-degree ocean shoe view, four bedrooms and guest beach -- we want you to know it's out of reach. Big bucks Dan over here. It seems like a perfect summer pad but does not come with a piano or the piano man. Downer. Prince George is already charming hearts around the globe. It looks like he'll soon be breaking hearts too. Take a look at this rendering of what the royal might look like as an 18-year-old. Oh, that is so strange. Yeah. Very strange. And kind of cool. Like a real person. It was created by an artist who created the features of both mom and dad and the three of them together. Definitely has Kate's nose and smile looks like. I prefer him right now at the age he is. Cute, cute baby. Major cuteness alert. Don't move a muscle. This next video I promise, I promise will make your day. 11-week-old lee isaly and her best friend Clyde. 8-week-old pit bull. The pair are being gushed about around the world thanks to this adorable video going viral, a little Clyde cuddling up to isaly. Now watch his face turns in one second. We missed it. He cuddles up right to his cheeks. They've been inseparable and excel at looking cute and taking four naps a day. Gosh, I long for the days when we could do this? All babies are cute but I have to say I never knew pit bull puppies were so adorable. Some of the cutest puppies you've ever seen. This is my favorite part of the day. Katy Perry played to a packed house last night. Her press matic show delighting teenage girls and our in-house teenage girl, Dan Harris. Our very own Dan Harris with his lovely wife. I can almost see it and hear it. Not so great. Here he is in a fan boy moment taping her with his phone. Oh, you are so cute. Look how beautiful Bianca is. She is always beautiful. I have to say Katy Perry, me, my wife and like a sea of screaming 1-year-oldses. Did you fit in? Katy Perry is she is phenomenal. Extraordinary performer and we went with a very dear friend, Ricky and they are close to Katy so we got to go backstage. I was even more impressive than her stage performance which is a marathon. Backstage she is the most down to Earth pleasant person to be around and about to go on stage in front of X thousands of Numbers of people and completely calm. I love hearing that because sometimes you hear people meet people and it's a disappointment. So nice to hear. A Katy Perry fan, you've been outed. For years he liked to work out to her so now it's out. Roar, Dan, roar. Oh, my gosh. Still to come -- finish. Happy birthday. Thank you very much. Today is my 43rd birthday and I'm very happy to spend it with you guys and later with my wife and last night with Katy Perry and my wife. Good run. Karaoke with Huey lewis. Probably not. We'll be right back. I didn't know you were such a

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24725850","title":"Billy Joel Puts Hamptons Beach House Up For Sale","url":"/GMA/video/billy-joel-puts-hamptons-beach-house-sale-24725850"}