Bindi Irwin All Grown Up

"The Crocodile Hunter," Steve Irwin's daughter teams up with SeaWorld as their new youth ambassador.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for Bindi Irwin All Grown Up
We have the Irwin family with us. Terri, her daughter bindi, son Robert. They've been living out the legacy of the late Steve Irwin. We all knew him as the crocodile hunter. They knew him as an extraordinary husband and dad. With an incredible love for animals. A passion that lives on in them before we talk to them we'll take a look at what they've been up to. I'm Steve Irwin and these are highly venomous see snakes. A legendary conservationalist, the fearless daredevil with a larger than life personality famously known as the crocodile hunter. In 2006 he died tragically in the feel doing what he loved most and now his family is furthering Irwin's passion and legacy. Little bindi who we saw alongside her father is no longer so little. Now 15, she's transformed into a beautiful young woman. Crocodiles can come vertically out of the water nearly their whole body length if the water is deep enough. Reporter: She has a few TV shows, films. Don't move. Why? Whatever you do, don't -- And a range of books under her belt and is active daily with wildlife and conservation work. 10-year-old Robert is a chip off the old block. In this adventure Reilly and I are visiting the Canadian badlands. Reporter: Helping in research at the Australian zoo. Has his own TV show and co-created a book series and Terri is continuing her late husband's conservation work at the Steve Irwin wildlife reserve. For the rest of the clan rest assured this is just the beginning. We are so thrilled to have Terri, Robert and bindi Irwin with us here. Thank you. So glad. I can't get over how big they've gotten. Terri, what is it like for you to see how they are following in Steve's footsteps. I'm incredibly proud of them. They're just amazing kids and we're so blessed to get to continue to do our wildlife work together as a family. And it is a family. I know you've always been involved. Always from day one. And, bindi, not going to make people wait. I know you have a big announcement you want to share with meme. I do. I do. I'm so excited. We have a brand-new announcement and actually I have a friend who has come to join us to help with this announcement. This is Pete. These guys are penguins and they are gorgeous. We love them desperately but if you'd like, can I make my big announcement? All right. We are so thrilled to finally be joining seaworld on a brand-new initiative called generation nature, which is all about encouraging kids to get involved and be game changers. How? Go to I'll set the penguin down so he can walk around. Go to and it's all about encouraging kids to become game changers and getting outidentify. Having backyard cleanups. Clean up the beach day with your friends. Sending in photos and videos that we can check out of what they have been doing to change the world. Sounds like wonderful idea. And just encouraging kids to become empowered to change the world for themselves. That's what we're all about. That's what they want to do. Robert, you've been busy. Yes, definitely a lot. I've got brand-new books, I'm starting a TV series, so, yeah, I'm really excited. Definitely. The look in your face -- I want to squeeze those cheeks. You remember when you all were here last. I don't think you'll remember this, bindi. Terri, you will. You just came off the red carpet looking smashing and your little girl here at the time was very envious of you and, well, let's take a look. This was on "Gma" several years ago. All dressed up and she's with Russell Crowe and -- She was beautiful. She was just magnificent. I promised bindi when we do another gig like that bindi gets to wear a dress. I get to wear a dress next time. Oh, you do? Yes. And your mom is a little bit -- weren't you just making a lot of buzz down in Australia on the red carpet. It was very exciting. I got to get out of the car key and wore a nice dress and we had a good time so I'm following in mum's footsteps. Because she is always gorgeous. But having a lot of fun and, you know, I'm so excited to be carrying on in dad's footsteps and making sure that everything he worked so hard for continues for the generations to come so that's why I'm thrilled to be empowering kids because as kids we are the next generation. We're the next voters. We're the next decision-makers and the next generation to be really changing the world so I'm thrilled to be partnered up with seaworld, thrilled to be part of this brand-new project, generation nature and just edge couraging kids to change the world. Encouraging your brother to do the same thing. Yes. Thanks. Stuff like that. Yes. Just comes naturally to you because just from yay high. It's great. We've always grown up around cameras and animals so he we absolutely love it and it's so good to be able to get our message across, so, yeah, it's great. The message is about these beautiful animals and making sure that they have what they need and that we have a better understanding of them, Terri. I think so and I think sometimes kids feel like they're a very small voice in a very big world and so it's just awesome to bring pensiguins along and say here's how you can help these animals and bipdz has a real passion about America, as well, Steve and I did a lot of filming here and we want to do more for the wildlife in the united States as well as around the world. This is a great way to accomplish that. We decided to go visit you down under. Wouldn't it be great? Yes. I know josh is in. Okay. Everybody. Road trip. Road trip. All right. Oh. I'm getting yelled at in my ear. They're like -- great. Hey, Terri, bindi, Robert, just happy you are doing as well as you are. Thank you so much. For continuing the legacy. All the best.

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{"id":22797062,"title":"Bindi Irwin All Grown Up","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Crocodile Hunter,\" Steve Irwin's daughter teams up with SeaWorld as their new youth ambassador.","url":"/GMA/video/bindi-irwin-grown-22797062","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}