Is Birch Water the New Superfood of 2015?

Makers of the trendy new drink claim it is a high-antioxidant beverage for hydration and rejuvenation.
2:51 | 01/15/15

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Transcript for Is Birch Water the New Superfood of 2015?
what's shaping up to be the hot new drink of 2015. It's birch water comes straight from a tree trunk and some are saying it could be the next big thing but is it really good for you? ABC's Abbie Boudreau explains. Reporter: It's the new "It" water making waves. I love this. Reporter: But unlike coconut water made famous by superstars like Rihanna and Jessica alba what some are claiming to be the super water comes from the trunk of a tree. Birch tree water promising a low calorie drink that these two companies claim is a high anti-oxidant blefrj. It tastes like medicine. Uh-huh. Reporter: An acquired taste for some of us but does this have health benefits. Birch tree water may have health benefits in that it has electrolytes and cycle it's harvested "Hunger games" style tapping into the tree and draining the liquid from the center of the trunk which companies claim produces a drink rich in minimals and micro-nutrients but this nutritionist says don't forget to read the back of the bottle. It'll say birch tree washingtonary cane sugar, something I don't find any of us need to add into our diets. Reporter: Sourced from birch trees in eastern Europe and scandinavia it's been around for thousands of years. But for us, it's the latest hydration hype hitting the market. And it's hard to come by. So far only available online. We don't have rigorous scientific studies that link the use of birch water to anything other than consuming a potentially hydrating beverage. Reporter: Still with so many super waters from coconut and birch tree to cactus and aloe water, what could possibly be next? I think regular water should make a comeback. Reporter: You do. Good old water. Why not? And, again, with a good balanced diet, we should really get what you need. Reporter: Plain old regular h2o. A simple but refreshing idea. For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, los Angeles. So we have birch water from two different companies and we'll give you a taste or give ourselves a taste and tell you what we think. Guys. It's sugary. I'm not a huge fan. I have to agree with what Rachel said in the piece. Good old water. 80 calories. This I guess if you're looking for a little flavor during your workout. It's okay. It's okay. What amount though. I understand they've been enjoying this in the Slovak countries for centuries. Nice to know we have another option out there. George?

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Makers of the trendy new drink claim it is a high-antioxidant beverage for hydration and rejuvenation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28244785","title":"Is Birch Water the New Superfood of 2015?","url":"/GMA/video/birch-water-superfood-2015-28244785"}