Black Friday Preparations: Store Employees Train for Big Shopping Day

David Kerley discusses preparations for annual holiday shopping event.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Transcript for Black Friday Preparations: Store Employees Train for Big Shopping Day
Well, thanksgiving hits early this year, in fact, it's hard to believe it's just days away. We've already told you that some big retailers will be opening their doors thanksgiving night. But, of course, the big day remains black friday. And the annual shopping blitz is not for amateurs with shoppers already lining up and store employees training for the big day. That's right. They're training. Abc's david kerley joins us from washington. David, what is this some sort of boot camp they go to. Reporter: It's pretty amazing. This is a frenzy. It is one we happen to call black friday and both sides, the retailers and shoppers are preparing already. All right, are you ready? Here we go. Reporter: It may look like black friday. Good morning, good morning, good morning. Reporter: Shopping carts banging through the door. Go, go, go. Reporter: But these are employees. Again, knowledgeable -- Reporter: -- Training for the biggest shopping day of the year. We got to make sure we are ready to go. We got product fired up. Customers want to hold it, play wit, see what it does. This is my job. What I live for. Reporter: He better love it because look at this. Already shoppers are camping out in wisconsin, yes, a week before the sales there they are settled in. We have so much fun out here. You meet all kinds of nice people. Yes, they say it all pays off. Our time here is almost getting paid back by the savings. Reporter: But even on friday, you may see some protests. Workers unhappy that their stores are opening up on thursday for shopping. Rosetta brown works at walmart. We just demanded respect. Who are we? Reporter: Nearly one in four of us, 86 million, hit the stores on black friday last year. So I think you're going to see deals all season long. Reporter: But if you brave the protest and petition drive are there a couple of items you should set your sights on on friday? The new wii called the wii-u, that thing will go fast. Also believe it or not the furby is back and that's what the kids want this year career electronics, ipad mini, iphone 5 and for kids there's the leappad2 which is like an ipad for kids. Reporter: Did you hear it in there? Are we actually talking about the furby again on national tv? Listen, online sales are also getting big on friday so if you want to avoid the store, you'll see a lot of deals online from your couch on black friday, dan

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{"id":17752473,"title":"Black Friday Preparations: Store Employees Train for Big Shopping Day","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kerley discusses preparations for annual holiday shopping event.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-preparations-store-employees-train-big-shopping-17752473","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}