Blizzard 2013: Northeast Transportation Network Shut Down

John Muller reports the latest travel conditions it States hit most by winter storm.
2:16 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blizzard 2013: Northeast Transportation Network Shut Down
Transportation network throughout the northeast is virtually shut down this morning Amtrak canceled trains between new York and Boston governor's ordered people off the roads. And close to 5000 airline flights have been canceled. ABC's John Mueller is at New York's Penn Station at what that part of the story good morning John. Good morning be on -- travel in the northeast from New York to Boston points north they hear virtually non existent this morning. Is that true travel nightmare things will slowly come back on line as the day in the weekend progresses. But the key -- here is going to be slowly let's talk about the train's first here in New York Penn Station downstairs Amtrak service still suspended between new York and Boston you can head south. You just can't head -- resort and clear the tracks there -- massive power outages to deal with up and down the northeast you'll hear me say this again best thing to do. Call ahead let's talk about the roads the white out blizzard conditions are gone. But those bans on driving some of them remain in place the roads are buried in snow this morning it's all about digging out and plowing out throughout the northeast. Needless to say driving is treacherous stay off the roads. I -- about the real nightmare with talk about the airports and this is a mess 5300. Flights canceled due to this storm the ripple effect -- it will be massive. It's all about clearing the runways now New York's LaGuardia JFK Newark. They should see some limited service come online by this afternoon. Boston's airport could resume some very limited service by this evening all these delays are making strangers it's a very good friends we talked to some people stranded together since Thursday. We all men only get -- to train and we are realize we're not going any further because of the other planes and canceled. So -- just kind of hanging out together. In the waiting room in. Keep an eye out for each other and. Again it'll be a massive ripple effect if you're in one nice. -- part of the country right now -- -- flying today and you think you're not -- deal with any -- -- northeast and -- You might not have -- good -- some of the flight crews will be delayed -- might appeal to get to your airport. Call ahead essentially right now things will start to come on line as we move through the weekend. But it is -- travel nightmare make no mistake. Back to -- dad that's a key point you're making it's not just in the northeast this will ripple out across the country 5300 flights canceled. Thank you very much mr. -- we appreciate.

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{"id":18449325,"title":"Blizzard 2013: Northeast Transportation Network Shut Down","duration":"2:16","description":"John Muller reports the latest travel conditions it States hit most by winter storm.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-2013-northeast-transportation-network-shut-18449325","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}