Blizzard Shuts Down Parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts

Gio Benitez, Ginger Zee look at the aftermath of the winter storm.
5:16 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blizzard Shuts Down Parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts
-- show you this amazing -- time lapse video in just a few hours you can see the incredible dump of snow in Hamden Connecticut. Imagine trying to take out from underneath that. More than 111000 people landed emergency rooms every year due to injuries from shoveling snow and ABC's GO Benitez joins us now from Hartford Connecticut to look at the exhausting -- ahead for so many good morning GO. Good morning -- you know we've been talking about 36 inches of snow in Hamden Connecticut. But here in Hartford take a look this is just a whole lot of snow and -- the other big problems is that whipping wind. -- literally the wind is painful. And so all roads here in Connecticut shut down right now. In Connecticut a state of emergency if you don't currently have a reason to be on the road if you're not emergency personnel -- required to. Report to work somewhere. -- -- -- -- A warning in hopes of preventing scenes like this the aftermath of a tractor trailer accident on snow swept I 95. But some residents are braving the storm to fill up their gas tanks before supplies run now I'm on my way home and they've figured it's the Smart thing to do we have a generator lot of people don't. They're not getting any trucks there. Anything and tell lie after the storm that can be till Sunday across the state. 235. National Guard troops are helping with -- health and welfare checks and emergency transportation. As emergency crews try to get through officials don't want them to hit heavy traffic like this. Some 800 state and -- plow crews are out in force clearing out roads and that's no easy task and whether this -- Adult job tough job PM but it's worth that he and I got to keep things get -- streets clean this isn't even the worst of it and even our car got stuck in the snow in just no talk. We got some help from road crews who no doubt have some of the toughest jobs right now moving the snow do you normally see Snow -- meets. -- that -- -- the worst yes. And so right now really if you're in a car just stay put because getting through these roads it's just nearly apostle of electric cars trying to get -- right now it's not happen and you know here in Connecticut more than 32000. Homes are without power so not just on the roads but also problems that. -- -- Here thank you -- is really -- out in the middle of that they're reporting thank -- -- let's get it up to Boston now and ABC meteorologist ginger ZR fearless. We -- GMA -- -- -- she is right in the placed within the city that was really paralyzed in advance of this storm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey you know this is a meteor Al Arab meteorological dream to be standing knee deep -- snell but it is certainly a nightmare for so many other people. Sam mentioned that -- running around like a crazy woman with this sick. Convinced there. Right now I'm seeing anywhere from about sixteen to maybe twenty inches some going with a preliminary eighteen for Boston to get into a historic snowstorm top ten they have to hit eighteen point three. No matter what they do this is going to be unforgettable. Beantown. Temporarily silent strangled by -- knock down drag out full on nor'easter. Buried in almost two feet of snow the fleet of 600 city plows is still out in force here in Boston. Over ninety people want being -- winds visibility near 04 -- for -- Covering the level of storm required a special cherry. -- says that they can handle one to two inches per hour but at times. This storm was put mountain more than five inches per hour. Boston airport reported a 76 mile per hour wind gusts. To prepare for this mess. Boston Public Schools were canceled and then -- an -- after I was pretty good pretty good supplies but gathered. -- -- -- -- We never know what's happened and this city and state they did it right. They are the Roche. Stay home. Of rare edict the streets cleared at 4 PM Friday. And that was not a -- it's. Not often you get to CNN the city of Boston on a Friday night and had absolutely no one on the roads they actually can't be on the roads if you're caught here it's a 500 dollar fine. Or up to a year in jail -- and then -- You know. A little easier for just one of the thousands that will be working to keep the millions of us safe. Albeit frozen into a February. We'll tell you guys covering this still -- I've got to tell you that -- covering the storm last night late at night when those 67 mile per hour wind gusts are coming it felt like little meals pelting me in the face you can get an idea of the drift here -- -- walk along. It is very tough to get around the city of Boston this morning. Again we'll look -- coastal flooding to be one more surge of danger here throughout the morning hours because the tide comes up but after that the storm pulls away.

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{"id":18449277,"title":"Blizzard Shuts Down Parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts","duration":"5:16","description":"Gio Benitez, Ginger Zee look at the aftermath of the winter storm.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-shuts-parts-connecticut-massachusetts-18449277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}