NYC Salon Offers to Transform Hubbies Into Stylists

Louis Licari salon's Arsen Gurgov teaches a class where spouses can learn to blow out hair.
2:40 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for NYC Salon Offers to Transform Hubbies Into Stylists
Reporter: Blow, twirl, repeat. That's the drill at a blowout bar. A salon not about coloring or cutting your hair just wash and blow. They've become all the rage across the country because they tend to be faster and cheaper than a full service salon. A typical blowout costs $35 and many women go as many as three times a week which once you add tax and tip we're talking roughly $500 a month. That's $6,000 a year. But what if your husband could do it for you? Just think of the savings with time and money. Always keeping the brush away from the face. That's where arson comes in. Once they have the rhythm of the brush and blow joer, it's easy. Reporter: He came up with a lesson at louis licari salon. A hair-raising $2400 for six two-hour classes. Hold it tight. Got it. Reporter: This is jeff langberg's second class. The investment banker by day realizes the potential is here. What's the most difficult part so far. Making sure I don't burn her. Reporter: He says it comes down to effectively we willing a 200-watt machine in one hand and a hairbrush in another. Sounds like a great way to bond with your spouse which is why i recruited this guy. Paul, my husband of just two months to see how well he could handle the heat. This is the way turn it on. A transformation in a matter of minutes, not just my hair but my husband. She has products in her hair. Reporter: Maybe this will be a new way for him to smooth things out when things in our marriage get a bit hairy. Oh, he's good. And thank you, paul, for doing that. A blowout can cost you $85 or more in new york so there might be savings in training the hubby in hairstyling over the long term. How did he do? He was pretty coordinated. He wasn't so bad. I don't know that we'll try it at home. 4:00 a.M. Every morning. Right. George, when you do this for ali, promise somebody will film it. So far below zero the chances -- the mere question -- still weird because I feel like that would be weird -- it is strange. A lot of like pulling and strands -- is this something you can't do yourself? No. It's really difficult. You need two hands and coordination and holding the hair dryer. And twirling. All right. And on that note we are going to

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{"id":19182965,"title":"NYC Salon Offers to Transform Hubbies Into Stylists","duration":"2:40","description":"Louis Licari salon's Arsen Gurgov teaches a class where spouses can learn to blow out hair.","url":"/GMA/video/blowout-hair-drying-tips-nyc-salon-offers-transform-19182965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}