The board game craze is making a comeback

The "GMA" anchors discuss how board games are rising in popularity recently, and if chewing gum is the secret to some people's success in life.
5:12 | 08/02/17

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Transcript for The board game craze is making a comeback
And I want to start us off with something because we all have our phones and have a lot of apps. Do you have a lot of games. Angry birds. Angry bird gls yes. How about you, George? I still play angry birds. Scrabble. Scrabble. Words with friends. Words with friends so you know you're on your user apps but there is a big comeback for board games at home. Yeah, I love that. Big comeback. Yes, they have found that it's the board game has grown over -- since 2016, 21%. People spent $1.4 billion on board games That's nice. And big name retailers like target, target has 70 exclusive board games they put out on Friday. 70. Cool. How do you feel about board games? Do you like them. I like them. I can't get my kids to play them. Really? Why used to have battles. Stratego. That's a great one. You have to focus. Kind of -- I like monopoly. I like monopoly too. It's so long to keep everyone engaged. I played with my kids on vacation. As I wrote if your family argues together stays together because -- Look at them playing. You'll argue over monopoly and it takes so long but it's such a great game. It is a great game. Keeps you off your phone and engaged in something together. I still have -- I have -- I have the $25,000 pyramid. Operation, does that count? Yeah. I have family feud. Yeah, I have all these -- How about clue, one of the greats? Yeah, great. I love it. I'm glad they're coming back. It is a great way for your family and friends to come over@ and especially if your kids -- Whoa. It was not a Roberts holiday until we played scrabble. We would bring that out and that's nice. How about you try this here. You're messing with it. You see what you did on the bottom. What? You are perilous. What? Because she's my girl. Ooh. George. Come on, George. It's your turn. This is tough. I'm really not getting involved. Lara, come on, you have to give one -- I'm not shaking it. He's shaking the table. Oh, George. It's going down. You're going -- Bad choice. Bad, bad choice. George. Good-bye, George. Bad choice. Oh! Why would you choose that? For that moment right there. He gave you a chance to try it. Buy board games and engage with your family and friends, everybody. Stratego. That's a good one. When bad habits are good for you. To the dismace of my wife and robin I chew a lot of gum but Jordan Spieth is not an inspirati inspiration to me. He is chewing gum and "The wall Street journal" thinks the peppermint in the gum helps him focus. Alex, my producer, in the control room said that before she would take a test, the teacher would pass out peppermints because the teacher felt they did better if they had peppermint. Science backs Alex up. What is it about it? Journal of the international society of sports nutrition examined the impact of peppermint on sports performance and shows significant improvement in perform Lance, lower blood pressure and lower heart rates after a peppermint. I chew before I go work out at the gym. I'm just going to get a peppermint drink. That will be my preworkout. I thought maybe chewing the gum, not necessarily the peppermint calms you down and distraction from that tank at hand and stress of it. And that, as well. Researchers from St. Lawrence university show the cognitive advantages just of chewing gum, positive correlation between chewing gum and the speed at which the brain processes information. Okay, I'm in. I have a big tennis match. You couldn't do that playing football. No way. Well, you could but you might lose your tongue if you did. Because the thing I never wore a mouthpiece. Surprise. But a lot of guys do, but you do have to learn -- like chewing -- Never? Never. I figured, George, what do very to lose really. I never wore one but I did get caught doing like the Michael Jordan and got hit in the chin and bit through my tongue so you got to be careful. I think that's what gum would do. You would have that problem. He goes through like two packs. I would say a show, right? But I do think this shows you should chew it on air while you're doing the show. Much better. He already did this. He's like don't push your luck. Don't push your luck. I've been caught a couple times. George has the mintiest breath in the business. Well, I tell you what, thank you for participating in our game of jenga, George. We'll rebuild it and try it

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{"id":48979633,"title":"The board game craze is making a comeback ","duration":"5:12","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors discuss how board games are rising in popularity recently, and if chewing gum is the secret to some people's success in life. ","url":"/GMA/video/board-game-craze-making-comeback-48979633","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}