Bobby Flay Samples Dish from New Restaurant Gato

The TV chef cooks up a meal from the menu of his new Manhattan restaurant.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bobby Flay Samples Dish from New Restaurant Gato
Bobby flay has so much going on right now. A new show "Beat bobby flay" and brand-new restaurant in new York. You have to tell us about this new show. Ali did it with you and said this is one fierce show. Your wife had a great time. Her job was to get me beat that day and she really tried very, very hard. I can't give her the results but she was amazing. She gave it her all and had a great time. Tell us about the new restaurant. My first new restaurant in New York in nine year, mediterranean on Lafayette street and foods and flavors from Spain and Italy, Greece, anywhere where there's olive oil over in Europe, I'm stealing from. Today we'll have pasta antique Ka. Like a vintage version of a pasta. Actually it's sort of like a rig Tony or helix shape they would call it and make a pasta sauce with tomatoes and some pekio peppers from Spain. Sweet ones. They have a bite to them and roast them and puree them and put them into my tomato sauce. Onions and put peppers in there and roasted eggplant right into the sauce and this is completely vegetarian by the way but the eggplant gives it a nice meaty flavor and take pasta we blanched off and throw all this together. A little parmesan cheese right there. Put that in, if you would. Sure. Don't be shy with the parmesan. Always finish my pasta with fresh herbs, fresh oregano and parsley. How is it, you guys? Bobby. You mentioned -- I read this weekend that herbs don't like heat. You want to finish -- you want herbs off the food until the very end. What I like to do in my kitchen when I'm plating the pasta in the pan like this as I'm plating it I put the herbs in it and quick turn and stay nice and fresh and green. I do the same thing. I'm going to do that now. Yes. What do we do here? Here tapenade, a fancy word for black olive puree with capers and garlic and ricotta cheese. A lot are using ricotta cheese and a little black olive and put it on top and marble it in and put it on top of the pasta. Let's put this right on top. I taste a little lemon zest in there. Levelen zest is in the tapenade and we finish it with a little bit of parsley and fresh oregano and there you go. Because you guys can get it -- "Beat bobby flay" every Thursday on the food network.

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{"id":22874310,"title":"Bobby Flay Samples Dish from New Restaurant Gato","duration":"3:00","description":"The TV chef cooks up a meal from the menu of his new Manhattan restaurant.","url":"/GMA/video/bobby-flay-samples-dish-restaurant-gato-22874310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}