Bobcat Attacks Massachusetts Man in Garage

Roger Mundell and his nephew were nearly mauled to death after big cat lunged at them.
3:00 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for Bobcat Attacks Massachusetts Man in Garage
-- actually the play of the day is the fact that Eddie lacy and Baird Jones managed to get -- after their twenty minute nap I'm assuming. Neither one of groups left after of course. The big win Alabama a third national pound mountain. Four years. And there you -- are. What's this moment like after a long season and really -- 44. Was pretty as pretty special -- -- the best friend in the country and they're very law that follow solely out here to Miami and showed up big time for us and it's especially of the whole thing was it was such a special experience for our teammates to be able to. To -- back to back titles and just had the opportunity to -- -- your free as any all used the words because you weren't allowed to use them -- dynasty it's all there. Just to distill it. You guys really ran away and hid largely for -- walking in and you're running 140 yards and were you surprised frankly that domination last night. Mandela's I was surprising though because when -- -- -- stays like this you don't expect to live -- the ball as easily as we did. You know blood you know the coaches had a great game plan offers a line they came mother had a mindset you know they play physical. And knew it would open up holes then there you -- is heading your way through avoiding a direct hit an open room. And its Odyssey is a little -- this autism. Aren't we will we want there's the controversy of sorts you an agent there. Get into it advanced and ahead. Remodeled the I think we haven't I don't I find very -- obviously you guys are good friends obviously. In the moment I felt like maybe that was a little Nick Saban. -- Out there on the field we're ready to sit right here and Ethel. That's what I've heard a lot of because you know about the effectiveness -- a wanna get a ride and it's not everyone says you know 4240 why he got so mad that. -- dealing with kids said we really don't look to score more we don't worry about. What the score observer how much for winning by you know we just want to -- anyone do right -- -- standard and that's while Williams is a Smart. Eddie lacy -- Jones again they said it couldn't be done. They said it would be no dynasty in the BCS -- and they. We're all congratulations. Once again thanks for whatever position on the alert you play the next level congratulations to you -- Much more. Brook -- don't know -- Movie stars pop stars TV stars and more importantly. People just like do you have all donated coats to help Americans in need to hang out so go now to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!. -- -- any Burlington Coat Factory store. -- donated code and share the warm this winter. -- -- -- Now. And I pretty -- Thinking not -- Whenever it's convenient -- that is -- Good Morning America is not -- -- hotels dot com. Finding you the -- took place as all we do. Purple purple purple. -- wait wait wait wait wait wait -- Blue blue blue blue blue. Read read read read read. -- -- -- Why. Would. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's talking on the lead he. Could. They didn't. Good evening all right it's like. Anything reporting from new equipment Disney. -- and -- -- --

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{"id":18159927,"title":"Bobcat Attacks Massachusetts Man in Garage","duration":"3:00","description":"Roger Mundell and his nephew were nearly mauled to death after big cat lunged at them.","url":"/GMA/video/bobcat-attacks-massachusetts-man-garage-18159927","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}