Bode Miller Custody Battle Back in Court

Olympic skier is in a custody fight so contentious he and the mother can't agree on their son's name.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Bode Miller Custody Battle Back in Court
the dramatic moment in bode miller's custody battle. He and his ex-girlfriend squared off in court yesterday. And he had to give up his 9-month-old boy for now. Reporter: This morning, bode miller's son is temporarily back with the boy's mother. But the battle is far from over. And it's one that could have a significant impact on the rights of pregnant women. Olympic gold medalist, bode miller, arrived at a new york city family court monday, carrying his son, with his wife at his side. But after the hearing, that little boy left with someone else. His mother. sara McKenna, who posed for the cameras. MILLER and McKenna never married baa are fighting over custody of their 9-month-old. That battle so contentious, they can't agree on their son's name. He calls him nate. She calls him sam. Miller is the most successful american male downhill skier in olympic history. By 0.003. McKENNA, A FORMER MARINE AND Firefighter, who became pregnant after a brief relationship with the skier in 2012. She moved from california to new york, to study at columbia, only after she claims he wanted little to do with the boy. If a court ends up telling a pregnant woman where she can and can't travel, based on where the baby may be born, that definitely sets a precedent. I think a dangerous one. Reporter: Miller's lawyer is not able to talk about the ongoing case. But in court monday, miller's LAWYER asked McKenna to admit to a parenting schedule and share custody. McKENNA'S LAWYER, ARGUED MILLER, Whose busy travel and training schedule for the upcoming winter olympics, would prevent him from spending sufficient time with his son. Now, the little boy will remain with his brother until december 9th, WHICH IS THEIR NEXT Hearing. But, robin, it's been arranged that he would spend the thanksgiving holiday with his mother. All right. Thanks so much, paula.

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{"id":21014907,"title":"Bode Miller Custody Battle Back in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Olympic skier is in a custody fight so contentious he and the mother can't agree on their son's name.","url":"/GMA/video/bode-miller-custody-battle-son-back-mother-21014907","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}