Bodies of missing USS Fitzgerald sailors found

Divers found the bodies of the seven sailors who died after the U.S. Navy destroyer collided with a cargo ship.
3:07 | 06/18/17

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Transcript for Bodies of missing USS Fitzgerald sailors found
We'll talk about that as well. We start here this morning with true breaking news. Overnight, the search for the seven missing sailors aboard the "Uss Fitzgerald" has now been sadly called off. The bodies were found in the compartments of the destroyer. We're learninging more about the final moments before the crash. The bizarre course change right before impact. And the investigation the Navy plans on launching. Matt Gutman son the story from our Los Angeles bureau this morning. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, Dan and Paula. The collision was devastating. The U.S. Naval ship nearly sank, taking on a huge amount of water. The container ship plowing right into the sleeping quarters of 160 sail nrs the middle of the night. Navy calling the crash and the fight to save the ship traumatic. This morning, the Navy revealing the hellish collision almost sank the ship. The damage minimal compared to what happened beneath the water line. The water flow was tremendous. There wasn't a lot of time in those space that were opened to the sea. And as you can see now, the ship is still listing. Reporter: The collision with the 30,000-on the acx crystal overnight occurred in one of the busiest shipping lanes. Gutted the middle compartments. The container ship's bulbous bow plunging right into the living quarters. Three compartments were damaged. Including berthing areas for 116 of the crew. The ship's skipper's cabin as well. Reporter: The skipper survived but had to be medevaced. There were other injuries treated on board. This morning, the Navy is calling off the search and rescue. Revealing that divers went through the sales off sections of the ship locating the remains of all seven missing sarls. That as a now unexplained twist arises. T many people say the ship did a u-turn before colliding. The parent company of acx has not responded to ABC news requests for comment. Under my authority, we will launch a J.A.G. Man investigation. I will appoint flag officer to lead the investigation. There will also be a safety investigation. Reporter: Now the multimillion Navy and civilian investigations will likely examine why that container ship hooked that seemingly abrupt u-turn and why "The Fitzgerald" request its fist kated radar didn't see it. The Navy will appoint an admiral-level officer to lead that investigation. Dan and Paula? We turn now the politics. President trump is up and

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{"id":48113954,"title":"Bodies of missing USS Fitzgerald sailors found","duration":"3:07","description":"Divers found the bodies of the seven sailors who died after the U.S. Navy destroyer collided with a cargo ship.","url":"/GMA/video/bodies-missing-uss-fitzgerald-sailors-found-48113954","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}