New Body Found in Christmas Eve Murder Investigation

The San Diego double murder may now be a triple murder. Fore More:
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for New Body Found in Christmas Eve Murder Investigation
that new development in the in is tearous case of a Christmas eve double murder in San Diego. Police found another body. All in their early 20s and linsey Davis with the details. Reporter: It began with a double shooting Christmas eve morning but now a third body has been found in another location in another car. A car belonging to the older brother of the deceased male who also happens to be the fiance of the deceased female. Female that yelled she was shot. Reporter: This horng this newly released emergency dispatch audio may shed light on a double murder mystery. One that left two young people dead, another missing and San Diego police baffled. We're gonna have two victims. Reporter: 24-year-old Gianni belvedere and his if I an anyway Ilona Flint and Salvadore belvedere had been at the San Diego mall December 23rd. Early Christmas evening more, a grisly discovery. Ilona and Salvatore found shot in their car. Both would die from their wounds. Witnesses here saw a male walking to the back of the victim's vehicle and get into the car and drive away. Reporter: While the audio shows someone was there, investigators have no suspects and no known motive. Only saying it was not a robbery. Gianni belvedere hasn't been seen since. We need him to come home. We love you and miss you very much. Reporter: Police released this missing person's bulletin hoping that if they ever found belvedere he could shed light on what happened. He's never been named a suspect in the case. But now 24 days after the killings, another new twist. Gianni's green camry was just found this weekend, about 100 miles away from San Diego. Usually park in that spam spot. The odor is pretty strong. Reporter: In the trunk a man's body. Police have yet to identify it. We reached out to both of the victims' victims. Salvadore belvedere's family wants him to know he was an organ donor and his organs saved three lives. The body just found won't be identified until the autopsy Tuesday and this will be key to determine if it was a double murder and suicide or triple murder. Thanks very much. More on this from our ABC news consultant and former FBI special agent brad Garrett. So many mysteries right here, but there had been -- we don't have the final identification yet but if this was, indeed, the older brother that is huge because he had been missing for so long and no one knew how or whether he was involved. That's right and apparently his body was quite decomposed, so did he witness the shooting, was he abducted after the shooting? I tell you, George, this is an intentional murder. Whoever went there went to kill all three of them and for whatever reason, Gianni was not with them. Does this go back to drugs? It's hard to fathom where this goes, but this, they were killed because of some revenge or some payoff or some version of that. Well, yeah, if you were profiling this case, what would you be looking for? What kind of initial sketch would you have? Well, you're going to really have to go into the background of all three of them, George. In other words, is there some sort of connection? Does it go back to Utah? Is it just in southern California? But somebody wanted them dead and you typically with these types of shootings, it really goes back to some sort of revenge. You owe me money, you owe me drug, et cetera. As you said, the body decomposed. Almost a month. No firm lead that we know of so what's the next step in trying to crack the case? The real key is what is the connection between the three of them and cell phones, e-mails, there's something in their background that led to this to occur and I'm going to guess it is out there. The real key, I think in Riverside is how did he die? There's some, you know, conversation about suicide. I'm going to guess that's not the case. Was he tortured? All of those things are extremely important in figuring out the motor vagus of the bad guys. We will be watching this one closely. Brad Garrett, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The San Diego double murder may now be a triple murder. Fore More:","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21595699","title":"New Body Found in Christmas Eve Murder Investigation","url":"/GMA/video/body-found-san-diego-christmas-eve-murder-investigation-21595699"}