Drew Scott says he's 'so grateful' for 'Dancing With the Stars' run

HGTV's "Property Brothers" star Drew Scott told "GMA" that his partner, Emma Slater, is giving him and his fiancee dancing lessons for their upcoming wedding.
3:24 | 11/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Scott says he's 'so grateful' for 'Dancing With the Stars' run
We have a look ahead to tonight's "Dancing with the stars" finale, one couple will go home with the mirror ball trophy, alas, Emma slater and drew Scott were sent home and Nick watt with all the dancing drama. Reporter: Yep, we are right down to the business end here. Last night which was night one of the finals, started with four couples and they kicked it off with the redemption dance so that's something they messed up earlier in this season number 25. ??? ??? go get it girl ??? Reporter: Jordan pink shoe, cheeky smile blew everyone away with possibly the most bizarre Charleston ever seen on television. That's an easy one to add up. ??? I like the way ??? Reporter: Fifth harmony, wants more. Pitbull in the midst. But finals night is really all about one thing. This is my favorite round of the season, the freestyle round. Reporter: Frankie in black leather. What's going on with you? All moody and menacing. Reporter: Jordan, front flip. Can't get the words out. Brilliant. ??? Reporter: Lindsey fittingly violin. That was you on crack dancing. You're super. ??? Reporter: And drew, hang on. What's this. Time-out. Time-out. Stop, stop, stop. It looked like you decided that drew just needed a break. Yeah, well, you know what, in rehearsals we were going so full out, I was like, god, we need a break then I just went ding. We are live so we should probably continue. Five, six, seven eight. Our acting is so good that you thought we messed up. Reporter: Remember drew is usually a construction guy on TV. Len loved it. The house is fixed and you've became a hot property. Reporter: But -- The couple leaving right now is drew and Emma. Reporter: Bitter, angry, disappointed, yeah? All of that. No, I mean, I'm just so grateful to even be here and have Emma at my side to pull out the best of me every single week. I couldn't ask for better. Reporter: They got next chapters in life to worry about. Aren't you both getting married not to each other but to other people quite soon. Yes. Emma and her fiance are teaching me and my fiancee to dance. Reporter: Who is your money on? You never know. You never know. Almost like I'm sure it's going to be Jordan, Jordan, but then everybody's freestyle was so good it could go either way. Reporter: Tonight, George, for the first time ever you can vote during the show at abc.com and on Facebook right after everyone's finished dancing so basically for like the last five minutes but only five votes per device so, Frankie, if I could vote for you 100 times, I would but I can't. They won't let me, George. Back to you. You can watch it at 9:00 eastern on ABC.

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{"id":51290932,"title":"Drew Scott says he's 'so grateful' for 'Dancing With the Stars' run","duration":"3:24","description":"HGTV's \"Property Brothers\" star Drew Scott told \"GMA\" that his partner, Emma Slater, is giving him and his fiancee dancing lessons for their upcoming wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/booted-dancing-stars-couple-speaks-51290932","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}