Boston Celebrates Capture of Marathon Bombing Suspect

Byron Pitts reports on the reaction from the people of Boston.
2:11 | 04/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Celebrates Capture of Marathon Bombing Suspect
Friday was a truly bizarre day for one of the nation's biggest and busiest cities streets everywhere were completely -- that. I would like to welcome ABC's newest anchor Byron Pitts to our weekend family he joins us now from Boston with more good morning Byron. Good morning -- despite the rain Boston feels more like Boston today. Already this morning we've seen several runners out today this time yesterday this great American city was a virtual ghost -- All across beings Bostonians are celebrating as the manhunt is brought a dramatic conclusion to -- filled with terror. We had a suspect in custody tonight. The desperate search for Joseph Har in -- -- are -- Virtually shut down metropolitan Boston population. Of nearly four point five million spread over ninety miles per hour in border -- police searched door by -- remain in -- home. And that's what they did the city's comply with little complex when we get and -- doing all public transit stopped. The Bruins and Red Sox canceled their gain -- those famous college campuses desolate. Block after block an eerie quiet. The normally bustling city of virtual ghost town. Residents watch from windows and balconies unable to leave their homes at 6 PM with the suspects -- the run the lockdown was lifted. There is still a very very dangerous. Individual and large. And then the news the role waiting for -- suspect number two is in custody even the president tipped his hat to the citizens of Boston. Bostonians responded it would resolve and determination. -- This morning Boston is putting the horrific week behind. Justice. By some estimates Boston lost millions of dollars in business yesterday so the day had an economic and emotional impact on this city and -- and -- so now the city will look to move for.

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{"id":19005819,"title":"Boston Celebrates Capture of Marathon Bombing Suspect","duration":"2:11","description":"Byron Pitts reports on the reaction from the people of Boston.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-celebrates-capture-marathon-bombing-suspect-19005819","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}