Eyewitness on 'Loud, Rapid-Fire' Shootout

Jeff Brayor says the first suspect was apprehended 15 feet from his front door.
1:37 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eyewitness on 'Loud, Rapid-Fire' Shootout
Spoken eyewitness Jeff -- he was inside her apartment just yards away when the police the suspects came face to face. And we're joined now from Watertown Massachusetts by Jeff prayer and Jeff I know you're in your apartment when this all started to -- tell us exactly what you saw. It was loud and rapid fire. Anywhere from a -- and two dozen shots. Followed by an enormous large boom which kind of shook the house so you saw -- apprehend the suspect. They -- economic grounds. Awareness. Maybe six officers. -- in front of the vehicle all this kind of unfolded literally fifteen feet from our front door -- noticed about an hour hour and fifteen minutes after the occurrence that -- A bullet hole there are roommates. They're not -- wall characters counter and -- Computer chair. And the -- is actually still lane and Brandon Bennett. -- how long did the gunfire actually last -- look at what period of time we talking about here. It was relatively quick but it would sustained heard. At least ninety seconds perhaps longer -- knows what they're not likely an Olympic consistent. You don't. -- -- -- and there are the loud explosion. He seemed pretty calm now that must have been terrified. It's it was intense you know a lot -- the learn the dots kind of register your attendance kind of incidents of the past week in what we've been hearing -- -- news in. Oh my god and this really happening just outside my door check -- thank you for giving such a clear account of what happened.

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{"id":18996075,"title":"Eyewitness on 'Loud, Rapid-Fire' Shootout","duration":"1:37","description":"Jeff Brayor says the first suspect was apprehended 15 feet from his front door.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombers-mit-shootout-eyewitness-loud-rapid-18996075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}