Remembering Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing

Martin Richard was one of the three killed when two explosions blasted the finish line.
2:10 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Remembering Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing
BC's Lindsey Davis is here with the stories of the injured. Those who -- allies and Lindsay those runners who became first responders and those first moments in. Just that's exactly one of the things that has -- made good doctors and nurses who are running in the marathon by all -- they -- -- running for hours. In many cases running for there to -- -- smile already and -- house. They still had the energy. To help and in doing so may have just saved some lives we know that three of those lines. -- lost at least a 145 people injured fifteen of them critically. Brand new details about. Her partner Richard from Dorchester Massachusetts. Who lost his life in the marathon bombing. He just greeted his father at the finish line -- -- bombs went off his mother and sister by his side they were also injured. The candle now burning in front of their home as a somber memorial. He was on -- in my -- was always playing in the driveway a home they were very they're very close knit family. And it's a tragedy doctors -- hospitals around Boston describing. Rooms that look like war zones nearly 150. Patients rushed in. Many of them requiring amputations of limbs some of them still undergoing operations. Clinging to life right now. Eleven year old Aaron Hearn is among the youngest injury he was waiting for his mother across the finish line when flying trap dug into -- -- and -- Deficit from the bleachers looking down in. Crowd got chaotic can. He found them lying down. -- is among the approximately 150. People injured in the attack according to the latest numbers at least seventeen are in critical condition. Eight of them children the youngest a two year old boy who was treated for head injury. The oldest victim reportedly in their seventies. We also know some of the injured -- college students one from Boston university at least two from -- And seven from Emerson College. Also this morning the story of -- monorail. Find this to all -- 31 year old -- full of lost delayed. Down they were apparently standing. Who lost his life.

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{"id":18966496,"title":"Remembering Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing","duration":"2:10","description":"Martin Richard was one of the three killed when two explosions blasted the finish line.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-explosions-remembering-victims-18966496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}