Boston Marathon Winner's Playlist That Pumps Him Up

Recalls 7th grade teacher's trick to make him run faster.
5:02 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Marathon Winner's Playlist That Pumps Him Up
I'm Dan Kessler and this is news makers for ABC news and Yahoo! News -- complicity. Is a career runner and Olympic champion and now this year's winner. Of the Boston Marathon. Congratulations thanks very much Henry to finish line what was that like. The Fresno is incredible it is because of what happened last over the bombing and then Miller that's what must remember and kind of have that here on walls and let -- -- offensive. To -- -- by Lewis 36000 V. Thousand -- -- wanted to left baseline and hopefully by Nevada and this was just fortunate enough to be in the lead and do for the USA to a full bath and then -- the world. I mean is that it was a wonderful feeling to know that I went away and hit and go to Villa avenue Macon -- 31 years and this is a must. Thinking of it can most memorable win for -- And you honored the four victims. Of the bombing last year and a special way you know they believe that people -- -- -- how sign on the bib number and they get here and it's from the if Michael while and then. And never done that before about it it's been -- -- and I wanted to have. Across and how these fictional four that on them -- across but. That happened and I think anytime -- put out and so for the world but I has decided. Get inspiration to put their names and their memories -- four corners of my bitten on her book in the -- them. You have -- United States at the age of twelve how do you think your upbringing. In Eritrea and here. Influenced your success as a runner. And can benefit. Sunday enough for the enforcement case and endless. We will have much would help finance women have come on which we just have a quote back and. -- ready to work hard and my dad look -- -- but very. The study people with violent felon Tony and. Throughout the dictionary and this you know this make it happen and then -- and ward by -- and. I never -- Ryan with a sport hunting villas and an African -- softened only one that I knew about it and. You know fairly he Casillas a mile run -- Friday and some minute Enron by 600 meter run and in -- -- -- that if Iran hard. -- -- -- Finnegan have been people that effort by the -- you know mountainous around -- not be a bad thing any of their -- is trying to hide -- they can't -- today. -- inspiration look back a little little inspiration for the teacher. Yes and then in wanna -- that they shared that there around 615 forget that an amendment issue in the window and having a five -- -- -- -- and. He's -- while he got a little -- -- minus 1988 now. Heidi fell on -- Knight island -- -- -- and now and then finally defeat they found an old -- left all of this. News that all in the all of a -- -- combat and who knows full of it and so that made this would be I've defended. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without thinking he's the of the every -- I turn to play about music gets there and up -- just quickly -- winery -- And I hair lot of -- native languages because for the war that. -- -- there's also grade and then hip hop remaining hip hop music -- -- playing music is great but their policy that it has because. You know -- that's -- go out to end and again meaning denies cadence and I love music and allow me to be fly him around failing. What's next what's next for me is hoping -- -- homeland marathons including the -- -- marathon hopefully and then maybe. He about a memo and I defend the Boston Marathon you know to be a magnificent. And it epic race again but the same time you know when you think thin indefinitely in the side I think. And spots indicate -- and then left because I have completely satisfied my -- career the father husband of film that says the only -- was. No need -- Boston Marathon who is oh with a 99% not 99 point nine ability of the film but. -- point 01% as the biggest -- -- mall there was bad procedures Boston Marathon and has been so Thelma also broke. Phone 9009 minutes on the same time so which have been stuck for eight times -- -- -- its own nine to ten -- their prolonged times both -- accomplished. Listen I know you see -- little bit sore right now -- even -- -- -- think of it challenging to Danny can get Mira and out of a crowd let's. This you know that the body thanks a lot. -- mean you know and sometimes again I comfort zone you know the last -- on the -- Samantha was robbed from me Ellis who was -- -- I was did indeed and. I always -- by the same time this is the difference secret that I have dignity through. Be the First -- -- man who you know and I did a lot of what moment now there for a long time. As my body -- shop but that's what you know math on -- that's whether -- -- thank you name it -- here.

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{"id":23446729,"title":"Boston Marathon Winner's Playlist That Pumps Him Up","duration":"5:02","description":"Recalls 7th grade teacher's trick to make him run faster.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-winners-playlist-pumps-23446729","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}