Botox Injections for the Father of the Bride

Linsey Davis tells the story of a truck driver asked to get makeover by his daughters.
3:14 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for Botox Injections for the Father of the Bride
All right, something we're going to be seeing in 2013 apparently, brides asking their dads to take some drastic steps to look good for their walk down the aisle. Abc's linsey davis has the story. ♪ Reporter: More and more brides are adding botox injections to their long wedding to do list, a little filler for their crea their crow's feet and for their fathers? I'm here because my daughters want me to look good for their wedding. Reporter: John charmin isn't the guy you'd imagine going to have a little work done. He is a real man's man. A truck driver who happens to have three daughters all getting married within seven months of each other. Well, with our weddings coming up and seeing people he hasn't seen in a long time it's a perfect opportunity. Reporter: A perfect opportunity to convince dad to have a little injection of confidence, an ego boost care of botox. In pictures you can see it really bad and, of course, he's going to be photographed a lot the day of the wedding. Reporter: Did you go into the bathroom and immediately start looking at yourself, boy, do i really look that old? I went in and I looked and i says, I don't need nothing. Reporter: But the pressure didn't stop there. John's mom who's had three face-lifts of her own also jumped on the bandwagon. He was getting the laugh lines, he was getting the crow's feet. She always told me if you're going to be a truck driver, be the best-looking one you can be. Reporter: In an effort not to disappoint mom or his daughters, the big rig driver pulled up here at dr. Stephen davis' office. Doesn't surprise you have a truck driver in the chair. I think that's the going to be the guy everybody is looking at saying I don't believe he's doing that but there's more and more doing it. Reporter: It begins with his entire face using a device called pelivay supposed to tighten the skin. It's to try to stimulate collagen production. Reporter: Next he attacks the crow's feet. Dr. Davis injects botox around his eyes which will relax the muscles and reduce wrinkles. Not bad. Easy. Reporter: And the final treatment making these parentheses cease known as smile lines disappear. John gets filler injected into the creases of his mouth for a more youthful appearance. You'll notice that whole area gets fuller. Reporter: While he's able to notice a few changes now -- dang, going back to 30 again. Reporter: We come back to visit the family a few weeks later. There he is now. Hey, dad. You look great. Here'sohn before. And here he is after. Notice the smile lines have diminished and the crow's feet almost gone. How do you like it? I love it. Feel better? Yeah. Do you like it? I love it. Reporter: On nicole's big day the father of the bride looked like he had gotten years back from father time. Those smile lines, much more subtle. At the rate he's smiling now, they may come back sooner than later. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. Not happening.

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{"id":18106848,"title":"Botox Injections for the Father of the Bride","duration":"3:14","description":"Linsey Davis tells the story of a truck driver asked to get makeover by his daughters.","url":"/GMA/video/botox-injections-father-bride-18106848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}