Boy, 7, Saves Friend From Deadly Allergy Attack

A quick-thinking boy uses impressive reading skills to save a life.
2:31 | 04/14/13

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Transcript for Boy, 7, Saves Friend From Deadly Allergy Attack
We're going to turn to the quick-thinking little boy waking up a hero this morning. The 7-year-old springing into action when his friend had an allergy attack. How did he know what to do? Tanya rivero is here with the story. This has to be our favorite story of the morning. Reporter: It's a cute story. This oregon boy's impressive reading skills and quick diagnosis helped him save the day. A future doctor, perhaps. But for now, he's salem's littlest hero. And has a new best friend for life. At just 7 years old, they are the stars of their school assembly. They are rarely apart these days, after ransom saved his buddy from a scary lunch episode that could have had a tragic ending. It began with a tantalizing treat that looked a lot like chocolate. Nutella. Reporter: It turned out to be not chocolate but nutella. A delicious hazel nut spread. Reporter: Poison for little sully, who is allergic to all tree nuts. Cookies with hidden walnuts sent him to the e.R. His face was swollen. Reporter: Back in the launch room, sully quickly had a reaction. It was like this. I felt like I had hives. And I did. Reporter: And with the fast, clear thinking many adults might lack, ransom sprang into action, grabbing the jar and reading the ingredients. I read the label. And I found tree nuts. Reporter: Ransom ran to get a teacher, who immediately brought sully the medicine he needed. Knowing that a 7-year-old is the one who caught on is emotional, not scary. Just phenomenal that this kid did this. I just did the right thing. I didn't think, ooh, I'm going to be a hero. Reporter: Here at his school, indeed, he is. But sully says he'll forever call him something else. Best friend. Aren't those boys adorable. With the emergency room diverted, sully's come came to make sure he was okay. Not even a hospital visit was okay. And ransom and sully were able to get together and play that same day. Has a superhero's name. Destined for superhero. I appreciate it. Now, in the who knew there was such a thing category, we

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{"id":18950925,"title":"Boy, 7, Saves Friend From Deadly Allergy Attack","duration":"2:31","description":"A quick-thinking boy uses impressive reading skills to save a life.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-saves-friend-deadly-allergy-attack-18950925","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}