Boy Scouts Consider End to National Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts of America may let local chapters set their policy for gay scouts and leaders.
2:08 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Boy Scouts Consider End to National Gay Ban
Now, to the big news from the boy scouts. They're set to lift a national ban on gay members and let local chapters set their own policy for scouts and leaders. David, this shirt could happen as early as next year. Reporter: A spokesperson for the boy scouts of america tell us they are close to ending the ban. There's financial pressure from some of the scout's biggest sponsors pushing for change. And pressure from some young faces you're about to see. This mo rning, the boy scouts of america, on the verge of change. These are the faces behind it. Among them, derek nance, the eagle scout from california. And his own video that's gone viral. I wear this badge with honor without having to hide who I am. Reporter: A long-time boy scout counselor who quit before he could reveal he was gay. And ohio mother, jennifer, whose 7-year-old son wanted to become a cub scout. So, she became his den leader. The year that followed but was one of the most memorable experiences a mom could ever imagine. Reporter: But she was then fired for being gay. Told her sexual orientation would be a distraction. Well, I'm not a distraction. We're moms. And we're americans. Reporter: Her boy, wiping away his tears. But this morning, a spokesman for the boy scouts of america, telling abc news, they're close to overturning the ban on gay scout leaders and scout members. Writing, quote, this would mean there would no longer be a national policy regarding sexual orientation. But there is backlash this morning. One religious leader declaring a change in policy would be nothing less than, quote, disastrous for the boy scouts of america. But for derek, it could mean putting on the uniform again. The uniform will proudly hang in my closet, waiting for things to get better. Reporter: That change could come sooner than he thinks. National boy scout leaders say if they lift the ban, local chapters can choose leaders quote, consistent with their beliefs. And there seems to be leeway they're hoping to have. And change bubbling from the ground-up. David, thanks very much.

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{"id":18342659,"title":"Boy Scouts Consider End to National Gay Ban","duration":"2:08","description":"The Boy Scouts of America may let local chapters set their policy for gay scouts and leaders.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-scouts-gay-member-policy-change-local-chapters-18342659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}