UP Bracelet: High-Tech Tool Tracks Healthy Habits

Jawbone's UP bracelet aims to improve health by monitoring sleep, exercise and eating.
3:07 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for UP Bracelet: High-Tech Tool Tracks Healthy Habits
when you cross a personal trainer, a sleep expert and a nutritionist with a cute piece of jewelry, you get this the great bracelet. I love it. It's part of the latest wave in fitness wristbands and its apps to track your health. Keeps track of yoursteps, how long you rest and input your mood and calories so when you think smartphone it gets to know you. Can a bracelet really do that? Starting now I'll wear it 24/7 to find out. I'll get to stepping. First a check in with a doctor. So what do you think about this? The more patients are involved in their own body rhythm, the better. This just gives you feedck constantly. That is it. When I sit too long, my wristband goes up. When I'm up and about, it logs every step I took. One of the good point, keep my steps up so I started to take the stairs. Gives me a goal of 10,0 steps a day. I've lost 2,141 steps in just a matter of like four hours. Of course, what kind of app would this be if it didn't give me a pat on the back every now and then. This is so cool. I love these little daily insights they give you. You clocked 14,524 steps today. That's more than walking all the way across the golden gate britain, snapping a pic then walking back. Cable car's got nothing on you. Before I call it a night checking in one last time. I logged 14,524 steps today. What! As for sleep, it knows when I'm in a deep or light sleep and clearly I could use a few more Zs. Tuesday night I got six hours. Then last night I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Not great. Lastly, food. I thought I ate pretty well. But the app has a real beef wit some of my choices. Over the past week I noticed my two biggest problems with my food intake, carbs and sodium. I mean, who doesn't love a great carb? And yet like everything, to get the most out of it you have to put into it what you want to get out of it. You have to take the time to log your calories and sleep or you won't get an accurate read on how to make yourself healthier. You can see yesterday how much i slept, my steps. But up has definitely upped my self-awareness. So here it is. So cool. Isn't it? So the bracelet costs $129 and works with your iphone or android. All devices have their glitches but do have a tech site support system and just to keep your up and moving, of course but I've got to say I am a fan. I was fascinated with how it can monitor my sleep patterns, light or deep sleep. Yes. But logging the food, not too convenient but, hey, it is what it is.

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{"id":18789152,"title":"UP Bracelet: High-Tech Tool Tracks Healthy Habits","duration":"3:07","description":"Jawbone's UP bracelet aims to improve health by monitoring sleep, exercise and eating.","url":"/GMA/video/bracelet-high-tech-tool-tracks-healthy-habits-18789152","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}