Amish Woman Leaves Roots Behind for NYC Lifestyle

Kate Stoltzfus, star of TLC's "Breaking Amish," describes her new lifestyle to Maxim magazine.
2:26 | 07/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amish Woman Leaves Roots Behind for NYC Lifestyle
One of the stars of the reality show "breaking amish" caused a sensation leaving behind her roots for a new life and a new twist. A lot of people talking. A lot of controversy. Kate hasn't just left her amish family and community but now a fashion model in the big apple posing in the latest edition of "maxim" magazine. Her controversial decision to leave and serious consequences including possible estrangement from her family and talked about her new life and whether there's room for her old one. One of the stars of tlc's smash hit "breaking amish" chronicling the lives of five young amish who move to new york city going between their old life centered around their faith or this new one. I always dreamed of being a model. Reporter: But she hasn't just shed her amish roots. She's also stripping down posing in the latest edition of "maxim" magazine. Are udubed the black sheep? Yeah. Reporter: The 22-year-old left everything she's ever known to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion model and designer in new york city. Why did you leave everything behind? Honestly I wasn't happy. I just knew it wasn't right for me. Reporter: Are you more comfortable in this life? Absolutely. This year has been one of the best years of my life. Reporter: Her new life couldn't be further from the amish life where she rode a horse and buggy, used an outhouse and washed her own clothes. I feel like I'm adjusting while I've -- I'm enjoying the city. I love it up here. Reporter: A washer/dryer. Yeah. I don't have to hang my clothes on the line anymore. Reporter: Anything you miss? One thing I'm always going to miss is the closeness I had with pie family. I still talk with them and everything but I'm an outsider. Reporter: You have not been ostracized from your family. They still highly encourage me to come home and everything. Every time I go home I can tell they're disappointed in me. Reporter: And that's the hardest part for kate. Managing her family's disappointment, which may only grow once they see her "maxim" photos. They don't look at magazines like that. Reporter: What do you think

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{"id":19604435,"title":"Amish Woman Leaves Roots Behind for NYC Lifestyle","duration":"2:26","description":"Kate Stoltzfus, star of TLC's \"Breaking Amish,\" describes her new lifestyle to Maxim magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-amish-star-kate-stoltzfus-leaves-roots-nyc-19604435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}