Brian Grazer, Creator of 'A Beautiful Mind,' 'Arrested Development' Releases New Book

"A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life" inspires curiosity and shares lessons from a lifetime of questions.
5:12 | 04/07/15

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Transcript for Brian Grazer, Creator of 'A Beautiful Mind,' 'Arrested Development' Releases New Book
You were blessed with curiosity. I was born with it but I think everybody is. I don't think I'm a special person for that. Although I did have a grandma, grandma Sonia that said my curiosity is going to make me special and if I work it, it will enlargen my world sm boy, was she right. Described in Hollywood as your secret weapon and I love the story about how you got your first job. Oh, I got my first job -- I just graduated. I didn't know what to do out of college and I'm in my apartment complex and I overhear a conversation outside my window. Outside on the street. Well, it was in this little courtyard and one guy says, I just had the easiest cushyiest job. I never heard that word before. The cushiest. I over heard where it was. I dialed Warner brother's legal department. They needed someone right away. It demonstrated a quality you need, a fearlessness. You got to be able to follow up. Make the call no matter what. You do have to have a little fearlessness. You have to really be willing to disrupt your comfort zone and that would mean not only have the courage to make the call or to say hello to somebody and ask them the question that enters their mind-set or psyche, you're living in their world on their -- with their rules. You've been doing it for 35 years. Back here on the wall behind us all the people you've had curiosity conversations with. Just a small sample. Hundreds of them. Leading to so many fascinating stories. You go the to start out by telling us about Michael Jackson. I was Reading about the time you met him. Finally after many calls came to a meeting with you and you asked had him to take off his glove. I asked him to take his gloves off because -- He did. He did but I didn't feel like I could have a real conversation with him, I mean a real one like trying to understand how he created music with those gloves on. I just -- Tavis a threshold so I said, nervously, would you take your gloves off? And I paused and he stared at me and he took his gloves 0 of and he became mozart. He literally was able to began late exactly how he creates music. Lyrics, beats, songs and he became a completely professorial type of person. And opened up with just the simplest question. That's what can be so disarming, as well, to get people to explain themselves in some way. Yes. How about with princess Diana. Princess Diana was extraordinary. I sent her many letters and -- I would even call the palace. I mean, sounds crazy but then I met -- They must have thought you were a little crazy. It was -- it was a courageous act or -- but I did and I got together with her, what I found was that she had such deep humanity it was palpable. You could feel her humanity. The way she treated people, she observed everything in the room and every person in the room and cared about making them feel good and it was a powerful -- Not everyone has a Hollywood producer's rolodex but you end the book -- this is important -- with advice on how people can might curiosity to work for them every day. I think people can put curiosity to work. That's my mission really. That's the reason I wrote the book "A curious mind" everybody can employ this superpower. For me every one of these manufactures and every one of these people, every one of these television shows came from utilizing curiosity as a genuine real tool and it makes your world instead of smaller much bigger because you're entering the mind of somebody else and it transports you and it's generous so it really does work and, look, I have a bunch of kids, if I ask my son, Thomas, 15 years old how was your day, he doesn't even answer the question. I tried that. If I say to him, which I did say the other day, I said what do you think you're actual Lew good at? I got a half hour conversation. So when you just enter what their problems are, their issues or their expertise in the case of all these people, you get real answers. It does expand your life. Just about out of time. "Empire." What a smash hit this year. Give us one tidbit. One tidbit on "Empire." Okay, because I was preasked this and I tell you, eminem I know loves our show and I produced "Eight mile" with eminem. I'm going to beg him to get on the show, he or Oprah Winfrey. I'm going to get one or both on our show. If anyone can, you can. Congratulations. Thanks, George. The book is in book stores available starting today and

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"\"A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life\" inspires curiosity and shares lessons from a lifetime of questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30134241","title":"Brian Grazer, Creator of 'A Beautiful Mind,' 'Arrested Development' Releases New Book","url":"/GMA/video/brian-grazer-creator-beautiful-mind-arrested-development-releases-30134241"}