Brides Commit to Grueling Boot Camp to Fit in Gown

Doug Rice's "Bridalicious Bootcamp" promises to slim down brides-to-be before their big day.
1:54 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brides Commit to Grueling Boot Camp to Fit in Gown
Hot new workout that you could call. Basic training for brides ABC Cecilia -- takes us inside the boot camp that promises to get women of all sizes in shape for their big day. Yes. This is basic training it. And these cadets carried a battle against the colts because they're so -- to -- well except for me. -- however have turned out. And getting Marilu I'm. And fitting into that one white dress. Okay. He's exactly why they're here. Welcome to write malicious boot -- 26 year old Carly at heart wants to lose a total of forty. Before her wedding day to achieve their goal of these -- attends -- prices and -- hour long class. The program cost 150 dollars a month. Mostly come for about six months before their wedding that's your -- -- and doctors treating more than 5000 ride. Doug is so confident. In his trademark regiment works right elections that can't even had England that's guarantee guarantee is -- look back -- your wedding -- and your wedding dress and that is priceless. Sorry I'm dying out. Well maybe I shouldn't have that -- before class brewers Doug has been a lot of rules about what you should and shouldn't -- Do you get plenty of coloring your produce being -- of shoes worn shoes are very very high in sugar. -- we -- to how he's more than her way to full -- Why delicious boot camp will get her there for Good Morning America -- -- they got ABC news Dallas.

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{"id":19625852,"title":"Brides Commit to Grueling Boot Camp to Fit in Gown","duration":"1:54","description":"Doug Rice's \"Bridalicious Bootcamp\" promises to slim down brides-to-be before their big day.","url":"/GMA/video/bridalicious-bootcamp-brides-commit-grueling-boot-camp-fit-19625852","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}