Bride Rescues Drowning Child During Engagement Photos

Woman dives into nearby creek to save a little boy struggling to survive.
2:38 | 07/06/13

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Transcript for Bride Rescues Drowning Child During Engagement Photos
Rescue captured on camera a bride to be. Posing for engagement photos -- fiance springs into action when she spots a little boy drowning in a nearby creek diving into the water to save the child. Now she's telling her amazing story and ABC's rob Nelson -- the details. I thought that we're just gonna coming here take a couple pictures impact and -- Village's go home like any excited future bride -- Selma has already saved the day. But as these -- medical -- and photos show she also save the life. Help for Al into the creek wasn't that this is -- Barack sort of a fifth of the judge but it probably about ten -- -- -- -- Last Saturday efforts hunger for was snapping engagement photos of the happy couple at this -- Philadelphia park when romance suddenly turned to rescue. A friend of the couple's noticed a five year old boy struggling in the murky creek behind them images the photographer captured cannot handle Arkansas little head bubbling under the water. Look like he was trying to -- the surface and I. Across. Let he who happens to be a paramedic and trained lifeguards sprang into. Action jumping into the water fully clothed her heroics also caught on camera Cairo embassy in the -- and I never going to get him. I remember being in the water pulling in toward me and -- make ends up water. Her fiancee met in EMT worker said he was not surprised by that -- quick thinking -- you -- I don't think you'd be super. -- considered just kind of things that happen -- life and and she was right there help someone in time the need. -- says she isn't a hero and it wasn't until the photographer posted the pics on FaceBook did the story begin to make headlines. Senate -- to do something in Sony did and that candidate I didn't know I didn't really hear. -- -- -- -- -- Mexico wedding is still a year and a half full way and their hope is filled with pictures of far less dramatic days. But this snapshot will always stick out not just for the back story but for the bravery of the bride to be at -- is scheduled photos. Now we could today there. Who who who -- when -- winning get a sense -- the end of next year in Mexico and believe it or not it will be a waterfront ceremony Becky says she is. Fully prepared to come to the rescue again even in her wedding dress -- guys the hope everybody can stay on dry land for that day brought the child's mother was there right yet the boy's mother was there and would that he said was that the mother was a little distracted by another -- kids and that's from the boy just suddenly started what waterproof -- -- thanks Rebecca and moved.

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{"id":19593869,"title":"Bride Rescues Drowning Child During Engagement Photos","duration":"2:38","description":"Woman dives into nearby creek to save a little boy struggling to survive.","url":"/GMA/video/bride-rescues-drowning-child-engagement-photos-19593869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}