Bringing Up Baby: A Tour of Baby Panda Bao Bao's Crib at the National Zoo

An up close look at how the 5-month cub is growing and learning new tricks.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bringing Up Baby: A Tour of Baby Panda Bao Bao's Crib at the National Zoo
-- Welcome to power players I'm Claire Shipman today we go inside the national -- to get a look at the newest member one who is generating headlines around the world with her charm. Al bow the new baby panda will also see her parents. And we'll look at that efforts to increase the numbers of this incredibly rare and always adorable speeches. You did anybody so one day we wanna point out as when he comes in here it's totally his choice to be here you'll notice -- -- -- all the doors -- he can leave at any time job. -- -- -- -- this morning we have a 123 kilos and in less than an hour he's put on three kilos just consuming an embryo. Really yes but he we offer them. This time a year between eighty and a hundred pounds of bamboo -- -- hundred pounds of them -- -- yes Nagy thirteen to sixteen hours a day. That's all that's basically what they do is -- well. -- So the behavior he's performing right now this is a blood draw. If he walked right up and yet his arm and a yes what do you want when you getting so right now we're we give as a reward -- Believe having. -- sweet concoction here so he did he know if he came and that is are not you know if -- doesn't think so. But -- one of -- -- -- kind of uses he's throwing a behaviors that we didn't even ask for that behavior lots of animals when they're trained. When they first come up to you really start throwing behaviors that you -- get a reward so this is wrong. So you'll notice that he's grabbing ahold of this metal bore me. And then the -- can actually come and take blood right out of his arm while he's away and he isn't he will allow that he's never not -- that he's really good about it this is. What about we'll learn to do and is this is the goal yet is -- Me -- looks like a little. That it seems so tunes you like to try targeting her OK do we have to do is you're gonna hold. This right up front -- -- -- target. About it good job -- -- could. That that -- she -- a whole box of toys she does. Has. Just political unit that initially. Episodes ago -- -- -- and it. So those -- want to start with about when she trains the targeting. Is to start building new behaviors so think about if you get her to touch her nose to a ball. Well what I want her stand up well now I just -- the target of a little higher she -- to stand up to it. And eventually you can take a target Al and you can -- stand up on our -- without using it is a one's -- actually ask him now to -- -- a laid out behavior that. Well it -- -- positions him. Is yeah it's -- business. This behavior has a lot of benefits. With -- -- are female did. We actually can do abdominal ultrasound on her we think she might be -- we actually the bats can come and in this position -- in and do an ultrasound on her. Why on what happens if you stop squirting -- honey water -- -- now that fit fitness and he did he does does he just get up and say what's up you'll -- We gave me a look of discussing wiry stuffing. Beating me if he seems so sweet it must be hard it's remember you -- -- you -- you use. An animal you do have to remember without a doubt that he is. A -- How old will -- about B when you would see this kind of behavior one year two years how long does it take to test. To fully train there. To fully train it she's going to be a little older but I wouldn't bet that by the time she starts consuming more solids. That we can start building a lot more behaviors once it becomes very routine for her to keep those solids. We will. We could get -- pretty quickly to start moving towards other behaviors so you're giving apple right now is that one of the solids yet that we'll get it she spends. Probably at least twenty hours today right now -- twenty hour sentence me. Wild. Mostly energy she's -- from moms themselves is going to get. Make her get bigger and bigger positions toward floor when he announces -- this -- Now she was over twenty pounds tainted Chinese trainers you know where whereabouts will go event yes we'll learning all those arms he arm techniques for blood -- -- -- -- -- that there be a direct. That's it to them. So we're trying to do to help our colleagues and China is to do to get this training behaviors now so once he gets into channel which is about torso. So have a better opportunity to know what to do so by status in Nevada we're servicing about -- now. -- used to being in our in our presence and hearing voices and smelling air her. Stinky shoes -- anonymous. We're getting here acclimated to everything and regularly for Washington is trying to. That's all for this edition of power players for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Claire Shipman. Thanks for watching.

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{"id":22383788,"title":"Bringing Up Baby: A Tour of Baby Panda Bao Bao's Crib at the National Zoo","duration":"3:00","description":"An up close look at how the 5-month cub is growing and learning new tricks.","url":"/GMA/video/bringing-baby-tour-baby-panda-bao-baos-crib-22383788","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}