Little brother mistakes his sister's wrestling match for a real fight

The adorable moment when a brother rushed to his sister's rescue went viral, plus the debate over how to properly slice toast divides the internet.
3:00 | 12/15/17

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Transcript for Little brother mistakes his sister's wrestling match for a real fight
more fun video. The wrestling match over baby Jesus. Well, this is similar theme going on comes from Columbia city, watch 5-year-old ruby is wrestling her opponent and look what happens right there. Ruby's 2-year-old brother Chris comes swooping in. Is he trying to protect her. He's trying to protect his sister. That's jack. He thought his sister was in real trouble so he stepped in to save her. There you go. Don't touch my sister. He didn't even say don't touch my sister. He came just throwing blows. How sweet was that. Half a million views on YouTube posted by her mom. Don't mess with his sister. You won't regret watching this video. Everyone knows he loves his big sister. Trouble. Now I have something that's up for debate. Okay. Viral video. It's a question that's been dividing people, been dividing them around the world and in my dressing room this morning. How do you slice your toast? Oh, okay. Diagonal. Students from a university in England tweeted out this picture asking that exact question gives you three choices, number one on the diagonal. Number two, horizontally or number three, vertically. Well, some people argue diagnose nation -- diagonal is the only way to go. I always felt like it was a little aggressive, the points. I prefer the number two style. Was your toast dry? A little dry. Well, stay away from my producer, Sara. You might fight over this one. You like number two. Here we go. One -- this is what one person tweeted. Gives them anxiety which is exactly the opposite for you. Number one gives you anxiety. Number one worries me. Does anybody do number three? You do. One person right here. She's now looking around, oh, sorry. Oh. Right there. You're on an island now, young lady. They say -- if you cut your toast like number three someone tweeted there's something Wong with you. No. That's what somebody tweeted. I didn't say it. I just read it. Are you a triangle. I cut it down the middle. If your toast is giving you anxiety eat something else for breakfast. You cut it vertically. No. Horizontal. No, horizontal? Right down the middle. Right down the middle. I don't know. Down the middle? I'm explaining it to you because my producer has been on me all morning. This is why you cut it horizontally because you get more fast to eat. That's more bread. All the same amount of bread. It's one piece. But your bite gives you more bread surface to start out with and less crust. I feel like it's all crust with the triangle. I tell you right now I'm not going to argue about the toast anymore. I was going to say. It's a big debate. The whole university did a big debate on it. Wow, happy Friday, everybody. I know ow to cut the toast for you. I asked and vast majority said diagonal. What somebody sent me and how they cut their bread. I mean, come on, really. They're just trying to show off. That's sweet. That's very sweet. Looks like a lot of extra work. That doesn't give you anxiety. No, I'm very calm. This is going to really calm you down. Who are we bringing out next, the hottest -- in the hottest movie right now, "Star wars: The last jedi," finally out and we are celebrating by bringing a new member of the franchise right here to our breakfast table. Please welcome academy award winner, benicio del toro. Good to see you again. Yeah, good to see you. How are you? How are you, sir? Good to see you. Wonderful to see you. Thank you. Hey, long time no see, man. How are you doing, buddy? Awesome. For both. The movie is finally out. Yeah. Everyone is very excited about it and we're excited to see you because we didn't see you in the promos and trailer and we're like we know that you're in it so tell us what you can about your character. His name is dj and he basically comes into the destiny of two of the main characters in the movie, Finn and rose and takes them -- tries to help them and they go for a ride with him a little bit. I mean -- It's a long ride. It's a long ride. It's a little ride but it's a good ride. That explains it. But also what does dj stand for, your character's name? No. I don't know if I'm allowed to say but it's like -- it's a riddle in what he says in the movie. It's there. It's there. So you got to pay attention. You got to pay attention. "Star wars" does that a lot. So you took your daughter as your date to the world premiere, I understand. Yeah. And we have some video of her on the red carpet there. She's very cute. Very -- she's happy. Ah. She's a ham like her dad. She's adorable. What did she think -- ? That's her cousin. Did she have a critique for you. She did like the movie but she fell asleep. She fell asleep. Late night, yeah. You know, she fell asleep like -- she saw me in the movie and she did one of those lying. That's so cute. But she fell asleep. That ups your cool factor. Had you seen the movie before the premiere. No. What did you think. I loved the movie. Great cast. Great ensemble cast. Some of the best young actors working in Hollywood, John boyega, Daisy Ridley, daad Adam driver, great bad guy in movies, one of the best out there. Great. What I meant to say and what George said did it surprise you when you were shooting what they ended up doing because it's been so masked in secrecy. Were you surprised? You know what, I raid the script so I kind of like I was -- I was surprised about the scope of everything, but, you know, the story stayed pretty close to the script so -- They let you read the whole script. Not just your screens. Yeah, I was. Because it's benicio del toro. I was allowed. Everybody wasn't. The buzz for the movie is out of this world. Okay, that was a pun. But the reason I say that is because international space station, they're going to ship this movie up so the astronauts can watch it. So question for you, if you're in outer space what's the one movie you take with you to watch? Oh, boy. I don't know. Well first I'll take my home movies, you know, when I was a kid. Okay, but I guess -- I don't know "The godfather" maybe. Ah. That's a good one. "Godfather I" or 2. The trilogy. Give you plenty of stuff. Or "The last jedi" or not. T "The last jedi" is already up there. It's going to be up there. It's going to be up there. Go to the space station and check it out. We don't have to Rory about that because it's out today. Came out late last night. Great movie and we're glad you're in it. Thank you. I'm glad I'm in it. I'm glad you're in it too and so is your daughter from the pictures we saw earlier. It is "The last jedi" and courtesy of our friends at imax, everyone in our audience will get tickets to check it out for free. Awesome.

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{"id":51806277,"title":"Little brother mistakes his sister's wrestling match for a real fight","duration":"3:00","description":"The adorable moment when a brother rushed to his sister's rescue went viral, plus the debate over how to properly slice toast divides the internet. ","url":"/GMA/video/brother-mistakes-sisters-wrestling-match-real-fight-51806277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}