Brother's Prank Turns Room Sideways

A year after Tobias Mathijsen made his brother's room pink, he turned everything 90 degrees.
1:19 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Brother's Prank Turns Room Sideways
Something of an update, actually. "Play of the day," last year we showed you two brothers in holland. One the older, taking revenge on his younger brother, who had hijacked his facebook profile page. So he, while he was gone, painted his entire room pink. This was the reaction to what he came back. What is a room better suited for a younger child. Yeah. What's wrong with this, dad? WELL, THE YOUNGer BROTHER MADE The mistake of going on vacation again. Revenge a dish best served again. Take a look at what his older brother and friends did, the amount of work that went into this. They took his room and tilted it 90 degrees, exactly. He kept the pink. He had kept it pink. He said, I was planning on redecorating it. But I don't know how to fix this. Look what happens when he comes home. That's amazing. See the wide shot. That's a career there. That's my favorite. That's my favorite. When you look at it on a computer, you actually have to turn the computer or turn yourself. Or while you're at home, you have to turn yourself in your living room. We all have revenge again. Chris harrison. Go nowhere.

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{"duration":"1:19","description":"A year after Tobias Mathijsen made his brother's room pink, he turned everything 90 degrees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19945158","title":"Brother's Prank Turns Room Sideways","url":"/GMA/video/brothers-prank-turns-room-sideways-19945158"}