In-N-Out Burger Heiress: One of World's Youngest Billionaires

Lynsi Torres will soon own all of the fast-food chain, doubling her wealth.
2:51 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for In-N-Out Burger Heiress: One of World's Youngest Billionaires
And we have details about the woman behind one of america's hottest burger ains. Why is lynsi torres searched a blockbuster story, revealing that he is america's youngest female billionaire. And she's about to double her wealth. Abbie boudreau has the details. Reporter: From animal styles to a four-by-four. In-n-out burgers have cult status. Even celeb followers. With 281 restaurants in 5 states and 2.9 million facebook fans worldwide. Just like their secret ingredients. What's in the sauce, by the way? Much about the burger chain's owner remains a mystery until now. She's 30-year-old lynsi torres, recently outed as the youngest female billionaire. And now, the warren buffett of burgers has been the most-buzzed billionaires in the world. Who is she? She's kept a low profile. Reporter: In the documentary, "california's gold, in-n-out," she gives an interview. Talking about the values her grandparents built the company on. We started as a vll company. You know, I like to bring that family atmosphere. Reporter: Here's the little we do know about torres. She inherited the burger empire at age 30. She's been married three times. A proud mommy of twins. And her unusual hobby? You can catch america's youngest female billionaire racing a car as much as 170 miles per hour. My father and myself. Reporter: As a private company, in-n-out's earnings are a secret, too. Some put them at 600 million over a year. Perhaps that's why torres can spring for this sprawling estate, complete with 7 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a golf course and a gourmet kitchen. A world away from the family kitchen she used to work in. You didn't do the potatoes, did you? I liked washing them. But not dicing them. Reporter: For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. This is one of those days, we wish we had pps. Yes. No double animal style. Everybody always -- are they really that good? They're really thatgood. They really are. It's worth a trip to california. Everybody picks up on different things in the piece. Scottie, three marriages. He wants to be husband number four. You were freaked out by the 16 bathrooms. 16 bathrooms is 16 toilets clean. She's not cleaning them. What's important, the burgers are as good as they get. They are the best. Is it wrong to want one at this hour? I think not. It's not wrong.

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{"id":18418540,"title":"In-N-Out Burger Heiress: One of World's Youngest Billionaires","duration":"2:51","description":"Lynsi Torres will soon own all of the fast-food chain, doubling her wealth.","url":"/GMA/video/burger-heiress-worlds-youngest-billionaires-18418540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}