Bus Crashes Filled With Children, Teenagers

Investigation begins into the tragic accident in Indiana.
1:45 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Bus Crashes Filled With Children, Teenagers
Deadly bus accident we told you about the top of the show the tour bus filled with children and teenagers crashes in Indiana flipping on its side. Three passengers were killed while good samaritans rush to the scene trying to help the dozens wounded. And now authorities are looking into whether the driver was going too fast. ABC's -- Hernandez is here with the story good morning time good morning Indiana and down the passengers were. Members of the colonial hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis and most of them. Where teenagers those who survive are lucky to be alive after they say everything changed in an instant. This morning -- Indianapolis church is coping with the loss of three of its members. After charter bus carrying 37 overturned on a busy interstate Saturday. The church group was returning from a Michigan youth camp. When the bus smashed into a retaining wall around 4 PM. Flipping onto its side according to emergency workers the bus -- -- traveling at a high rated -- I have no idea. How best buddy list the light turned green for the southbound -- rampant in and -- Let's just blew into my vision right away and -- just in an instant the nurse who stopped to help -- the driver was severely hurt. Bleeding pretty bad so I stole somebody's bell from best I can remember and -- -- on environment and just started to help out everybody else straight -- everybody that can walk away from the -- Officials say that over two dozen people were injured including a -- We have been told them -- six there were transported to hospital range from critical to serious muscle we have a lot of head injuries and a lot of extremity injuries. -- At this point authorities believe the bus was the only vehicle involved in the accident but of course the investigation is still ongoing down. Those bystanders that incredible work I think you.

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{"id":19795195,"title":"Bus Crashes Filled With Children, Teenagers","duration":"1:45","description":"Investigation begins into the tragic accident in Indiana.","url":"/GMA/video/bus-crashes-filled-children-teenagers-19795195","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}