Busy Philipps Dishes on 'Cougar Town' Season 4

Actress Busy Philipps discusses her pregnancy and filming the new season of "Cougar Town."
2:32 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Busy Philipps Dishes on 'Cougar Town' Season 4
We are so excited to have busy -- here with us this morning cougar town fans know her as Laurie and we want to offer a toast her in honor of the -- Fourth season premiering tomorrow on TBS and we should mention. You'll drink a lot of wine on the show that digital greatness we'll explain why you have to suck and I can't hit but let's start with next CDs were so excited. A lot of things are happening aside from a drinking wine. I'm -- -- may be familiar face here in the GMA fans we had. At some amazing guest stars this year but one of my favorites by far. George's wife Allie went -- and it doesn't amazing turn as. Our neighbor Bob's new girlfriend -- A little -- She have fun she knows how to have a great time and we weren't and it's very rare for people to come in and cracked me up so hard that I am unable to continue my lions. But that was Alley every tape that's parents and she and I got a like -- -- a little damage -- -- what is it like playing Laurie she's she's -- as well it's -- -- you know -- LA if I'm a mom and I'm married and I get to go to work every -- and -- a little bit more conservative in my hair makeup and wardrobe. And how to get to go to work every day and put on these tight clothes and with a ridiculous hair makeup and say ridiculous thing and includes about a little tight and we should mention because you are expecting again can gradually I caveats and -- how things -- drinks well you're now you know it's always a battle but yes written that I'm having a big big did not want any New Year's red delicious -- yourself -- nice to you about your own body and how you feel about it -- that's something we can all I think. Make a resolution to I don't know why so hard is a woman to just give yourself a break and yet -- -- to be healthy and but you also -- I have to set a good example for your kids. I know that it's not about a number on a scale it's about how you feel and you know wise words they're and yeah only get a little insight into busy -- -- -- answer quick series of questions. Neither is so busy or so not busy at tech really -- -- decorate cakes like Laurie does on the show so busy. Delivered for -- -- without pain medication so busy wow and I got planted yet again -- not Cheney the big fan of flea markets. -- have not that -- -- look the way I laugh. Now -- I would not I love you laugh I don't let you know -- -- -- -- -- Notes no not busy was a real life -- -- a toy fair so busy I would love -- act and you look like him elect brown now pregnant early on the show congratulations on baby -- series yet thanks so much for stopping by banks.

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{"id":18151145,"title":"Busy Philipps Dishes on 'Cougar Town' Season 4","duration":"2:32","description":"Actress Busy Philipps discusses her pregnancy and filming the new season of \"Cougar Town.\"","url":"/GMA/video/busy-philipps-dishes-cougar-town-season-premiering-tbs-18151145","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}