Dad on Trial For Allegedly Planting Drugs on PTA Member

Kent Easter says his wife, who has pleaded guilty, coerced him into making a 911 call.
2:10 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dad on Trial For Allegedly Planting Drugs on PTA Member
Now, we turn to the case of the california couple who allegedly planted drugs on a school volunteer, in retaliation for the way she treated their son. The wife has pled guilty. The husband is now on trial. And he's blaming her for everything. Cecilia vega follows this tangled story of revenge gone wrong. Irvine police. I'm concerned that one of the parent volunteers may be under the influence of drugs. Reporter: It sounds like the voice of a worried parent on that call to police. But prosecutors say it was actually a father acting out a pta plot gone wrong. I saw her car driving very erratica erratically. And looks like they had something in the seat of the truck. You awe her specifically place something behind her seat? Reporter: Those tapes played in court wednesday, during the opening statements of kent easter's trial. Prosecutors say kent and his wife, jill, became upset with a pta volunteer at their son's southern california elementary school for the way she treated the boy. So, they allegedly framed her. The defendant planted drugs in her car, called 911 and had her detained by police. Reporter: Kent blame his wife for planting the drugs. And say she coerced him to turn in the volunteer. He pleaded not guilty. If convicted of false imprisonment, he faces three years in prison. Jill easter pleaded guilty to the same charge last month and will spend 120 days in jail. This is a case of a trusting husband. No more, no less. Jill easter planted drugs in that car. The problem is, she never told her husband. Reporter: And jurors saw this picture of kent entering a hotel lobby, where prosecutors say he called police, giving the operator the volunteer's real name. Do you know this person's name? I think her name is kelli. Reporter: That volunteer, kelli peters, was the first witness to take the stand. Crying as police found a stash of drugs that did not belong to her.

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{"id":20813970,"title":"Dad on Trial For Allegedly Planting Drugs on PTA Member","duration":"2:10","description":"Kent Easter says his wife, who has pleaded guilty, coerced him into making a 911 call.","url":"/GMA/video/ca-dad-kent-easter-trial-allegedly-planting-drugs-20813970","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}