Cal Ripken Jr.'s Next Baseball Legacy: Inspiring Young Players

MLB great mentors young ball players and shares life advice in sports-themed children's books.
3:07 | 03/27/13

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Transcript for Cal Ripken Jr.'s Next Baseball Legacy: Inspiring Young Players
This. Morning reasons why we love what we do we get the hang around some really great people with the -- And this next pershing called me and they said you wanted to sit down collar union the all time -- No yet let's get to -- -- great day I spent with that legend and a group of kids loved sharing his love of the game. Told -- baseball's taught him some important life lessons writes about it. -- -- brand new -- wild pitch we talked about during a day spent with some little lads and losses. Shortstop to. After his retirement in 2001. Cal Ripken junior took his passion and for the game to its grassroots. Creating Ripken baseball running youth camps and spreading the games gospel. Is this all of the day's work I -- I don't spend every day like this but I do enjoy this probably the most. And in so doing Ripken has become baseball's ambassador -- children today he's getting a few pointers to some kids at New York's Chelsea. -- better that's better that's exactly we're talking about try that now. Back in 2000 wanted to have a sense that this is what you'd be doing twelve years later I knew that I like the influence Adam kids -- -- baseball fans. And really want to encourage kids to more kids to play more baseball. It's -- mission he's devoted to off the field as well with a series of books for kids tackling the tough issues they face today. Like fully if you guys -- been bullied. It's a fascinating to hear that you were -- I was -- the high school I was smaller 57128. And made the varsity baseball team and so then all of a sudden there was seniors in June -- I don't know -- they were torturous or not could be hung over the stairway by your feet. Looking straight down the bottom and all the contents -- your pockets -- out. That was pretty alarming that's tortures his latest -- wild pitch about a pitcher whom -- another -- And struggles to regain his confidence how big -- part of your life was leading -- drawn -- I really enjoyed. Reading period but it was very specific sport and I remember really being moved by a book called relief pitcher. So when the idea of communicating from the values and principles -- book came up I remembered how I felt about that one book. The -- are fictional but dropped from real life experience the most influential Ripken amidst growing up in a baseball family. With the father who showed him all the ropes. And now had to -- yourself. What's it like sit in the stands it's a little bit more nerve racking up some parents so fidgety they can't watch their -- hit -- can't -- did pitch. Now -- -- You're -- your kid doesn't know for a second that that you're turning your back woman you know watching. Because they know your body they go that's those kids today what do you hope they handle it. I hope that they still a little bit better about their ability to play takeaways -- It starts to grow inside them relocate to. So many think struck mean. Among them he loves the game and -- boy he is a great dad loves closes. It's it was terrific about it whether -- things right.

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{"id":18822099,"title":"Cal Ripken Jr.'s Next Baseball Legacy: Inspiring Young Players ","duration":"3:07","description":"MLB great mentors young ball players and shares life advice in sports-themed children's books.","url":"/GMA/video/cal-ripken-jrs-baseball-legacy-inspiring-young-players-18822099","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}