New App Unlocks Secret Calif. Beaches

Jenny Price helped design an app that makes Malibu beaches more accessible.
1:47 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New App Unlocks Secret Calif. Beaches
We all know california has some of the greatest public beaches in the world. What you may not know so many are hidden behind the homes of the rich and famous. Now there is an app to help you seek out those hidden treasures and david wright checked it out. Reporter: It's a piece of paradise most of us have only glimpsed through the paparazzi's lens. You have celebrities, you have media moguls. Reporter: Jenny price walks us down billionaire's beach. To buy a home here easily 20 million bucks. To rent 250,000 a month. Hard not to walk this beach and say I want this one. Reporter: Malibu is exclusive but in california there's no such thing as a private beach. So price helped develop a new smartphone app to make malibu more accessible. In a way this is robin hood at the beach. Well, except we're not stealing anything. Reporter: A guide to public accessways home owners have tried to block or in david geffen's case disguise. Made to look like a garage and won't park there. Not until you get up and start looking at it, that door doesn't open, does it? Reporter: The app even tells you where you're entitled to put your beach towel. The app is free like the beach is supposed to be set up the beach chairs. Some residents are resigned to it. I don't think the crowds will come. Reporter: Others are clearly bracing for a fight. You're on private property. Reporter: This malibu resident threatened to call the sheriff on us. Take your camera out of here before I break it. Reporter: Paradise lost to the super rich because of this app. For at least now paradise they'll have to share. "Good morning america," david wright, abc news, malibu.

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{"id":19278141,"title":"New App Unlocks Secret Calif. Beaches","duration":"1:47","description":"Jenny Price helped design an app that makes Malibu beaches more accessible.","url":"/GMA/video/california-beach-guide-app-unlocks-secret-calif-beaches-19278141","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}