California Firefighters Battle Raging Wildfires

Thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate from the area as emergency crews battle the spreading flames.
7:03 | 09/13/15

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Transcript for California Firefighters Battle Raging Wildfires
now, a wildfire in California exploding in size overnight. Look at this picture the hills there ablazed as thousands of people are told to get out. They're calling it the valley home, they have burned homes and schools. Highways have been shut down. Four firefighters are in the hospital this morning. More on their conditions in a moment. Meanwhile, sources on the ground say this intense fire is creating its own lightning and gusty winds. One photographer posted this live video on per skoep right from the front lines. Listen. P per. Let's go, man. They're putting water on this particular house because it's at the corner and they don't want to lose this corner. They don't want it to get on either side of the road on this corner, because that would just allow the progression of the fire to grow and grow. My equipment keeps overheating. So, I'm coming and going. I really need to be aware of my surroundings at the present time. These guys are very limited on resources. They can't save everything. They're doing everything the Good morning, America. Breaking overnight -- up in flames. Wildfires exploding in calitroyed by the butte fire, one of a dozen raging throughout the state. Overnieblgt, two massive wildfires raging out of control in California. The valley fire exploding, getting 200 times larger in just 5 hours. The smoke was rolling across the plains. It was like flipping along. It was literally like rolling smoke. Reporter: Inside several hundred firefighters battling the flames, four of them rushed to the burn unit with ser injuries. They're going to get treated and heir going to make it through. Reporter: Cal fire calling in all personnel statewide with at least 3,000 people evacuated. Many waiting at this casino. It's awful. We're here and we're safe. Reporter: The fast-moving inferno quickly burning through an unconfirmed number of structures, report saying a school also destroyed. A swing set early engulfed in flames. Southeast, the butte fire roaring through the brush in the foothills. Chewing up nearly 65,000 acres and forcing 26,000 people out of their homes. The inferno only 15% contained. Destroying 86 homes and 51 other structures with more than 6,000 still at risk. This red cross shelter, one of two housing hundreds of evacuees. My family is safe. And I have my pictures. So, that's what's important. They wait while the fire rages on, 3800 firefighters on the front lines, but the heavy smoke grounding aircraft, fighting the flames from above. The high heat and dry conditions have been the big challenge for firefighters, the temperatures are expected to drop starting tomorrow. Paula? And aditi, thank you. Want to bring in Mike Lopez right now, the president of calfire, thank you for joining us this morning. I want to ask you specifically about the valley fire, it started with 50 acres, now burning 25,000, evacuees told to evacuate. How dire is this situation? The fire burned approximately 10 to 15,000 acres in one afternoon. The fuel is being totally consumed with very little time for reaction by the citizens. When Cal fire told them to evacuate, they had to evacuate right now. I know four firefighters were injured. You had a chance to visit them. These particular firefighters they deprovide the fire shemter, something you don't do unless your life is on the line. That's correct. It's a last resort and it's very uncommon for the firefighters to do that during the fire fight. Because, remember, again, we don't like to deploy those shelters. It's life or death at the time. Can you give us an update on those four firefighters? Three of them were minor to moderate. Where the captain was a little bit more severe in his injuriesy can for the ones that they can help. Come on. Come on, I want to go. Let's go, man. Incredible footage and we should say that cameraman is a former firefighter himself, he had full protective gear on when T that video. Bear in Hile Al burning right now in the American west. Moment, talk to rob with possibln the way. Butnow, it out to aditi Roy. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Take a look at this charred shell of a home the remains intact and remarkably so does this piece of pottery. Everything else, rubble. Everything des will the exhausted people out there fighting the flames in blazing heat catch a break soon on the weather front? Soon, but not today. Another hot day and some of those fires, so hot creating their own weather, thunder and lightning being reported on that fire in the valley. Red-flag warnings out today. Relative humidity level very low again and the heat is going to be up there as we go through today. This front is going to drop down to the south a little bit. That will bring moisture come Monday and Tuesday. Today, temperatures well over 90 degrees in many of these spots. Here comes the cool air, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, a significant dropoff in temperatures. Feast your eyes on these Numbers they will be welcomed. Wednesday into the mid-60s in Redding. Some everratic winds. Paula. Thanks, rob Now to the race for president. It's your voice, your rate. Donald Trump was out campaigning before a big college football

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate from the area as emergency crews battle the spreading flames.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33722900","title":"California Firefighters Battle Raging Wildfires","url":"/GMA/video/california-firefighters-battle-raging-wildfires-33722900"}