Wildfire Approaches Propane Building in Oakhurst, Calif.

Fire's proximity to the gas raises fears of a potentially large blast.
1:49 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfire Approaches Propane Building in Oakhurst, Calif.
But want to begin with the fast-moving wildfire as we said. 13,000 people have already been forced out of their homes. Buildings have been destroyed and hundreds more are in harm's way. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is right there in oakhurst, California, with the very latest for us. I can see not easy to breathe there. Reporter: Lara, good morning. I've got the mask here because the smoke and fumes are so intense, this fire came up very fast. You could see this building was a local business. It's a total loss. It's actually still on fire. Flames with -- which ravaged through here so quickly much of this town was caught completely off guard. Overnight massive flames billowing into the sky. I'd never seen anything like it. Reporter: There were tense moments overnight as fires swept through this nearby 30,000-gallon propane tank storage site. Fire crews forced to let it burn for fear the tanks would explode. Fortunately, they haven't so far. In this vacation town of oakhurst, California, just 16 miles from yosemite national park, 13,000 people ordered to evacuate. Homeowners watching as out-of-control flames jumped from trees and over roads. Just can't believe how powerful that. The trees are a couple hundred feet tall. Reporter: Hundreds of homes and businesses in jeopardy. At least eight already destroyed. The fast-moving fire scorching nearly 1200 acres so far. We've been worried about something like this and now we've got it. Reporter: Air tankers attacking from above and more than 600 firemen working through the night trying to contain the blaze. Schools have been closed in the area today just as a precaution. The flames have actually died down a bit this morning but they will be reassessing over the coming hours trying to get a handle on things before the day heats up again.

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{"id":25032800,"title":"Wildfire Approaches Propane Building in Oakhurst, Calif.","duration":"1:49","description":"Fire's proximity to the gas raises fears of a potentially large blast.","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfire-approaches-propane-building-oakhurst-25032800","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}