Calls for Judge's Removal After Sentencing of Teen in Sex Assault

Judge Thomas Estes sentenced David Becker, 18, to probation after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two classmates.
7:00 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Calls for Judge's Removal After Sentencing of Teen in Sex Assault
Now to the growing fury over a high school athlete sentenced to probation but no jail time after assaulting two classmates. Reporter: Good morning, George. An online petition calling for removal of this judge now has more than 14,000 signatures and counting. The petition calls the ruling a slap on the wrist and stays the judge is essentially letting a known sex offender on a college campus. This morning, thousands of online petitioners are calling for the remooifl of the jum who sentenced 18-year-old David Becker to probation instead of prison time, after he was charged with sexually assaulting two classmates. At a plea hearing in June, judge Thomas Estes siding with Becker's lawyer, who argued the former high school athlete had already suffered due to his aks. There have already been significant consequences, collateral consequences to simply being charge in the first place. Reporter: His lawyer described him as a model student who deserved to go the college. He was a rising star, everything was going perfect for him. Suddenly, April 0, 2016, he's at a house party. There's no marnts. There's alcohol. There's marijuana. There's testosterone. He makes a bad decision. Reporter: Becker was arrested in April after two girls said they had been drinking at a house party. They went to bed with him and woke up at separate times to Becker assaulting them. Victim one told police Becker texted her after the incident. Very sorry about last night. Was very much in the wrong. She replied, don't worry about. It's all good. Later telling investigators she didn't know what else to say. Berk told police he was unaware she was asleep and he denied having contact with victim two. Prosecutors had recommended two years of jail time. Instead hrks E got to two years' probation. I think the judge's sympathies are misplaced in this case. The on feroffender's college yecareer should not be the priority. Reporter: His case is being compared to that of Stanford swimmer Brock turner. H let's talk about the with Dan Abrams and Nancy brace. Explain the process. They reached a deal. The prosecutors requested two years of jail time. The judge made a different decision. It's not called a plea deal. But he's effectively agreeing to lesser charges. Prosecutors come to the judge and say, weave reached this effectively agreement. Here's what we would recommend. The judge then also gets what is a probation report. He hears from the victim's family. He flares the victim. From the defendant. Makes a decision. No question this is a lenient decision. This guy should be incredibly appreciative. This is a lucky, lucky young man that he's not serving time based on this crime. With that said, I think the fact that one of the victims said that she thought he should get probation was very helpful to him. I disagree on so many levels the. What is the called in courthouse parlance is a blind plea. You agree to a plea agreement. You agree that someone is going the plead guilty. You go before the judge and both sides are blind as to what the judge is going to sentence. The state here recommended two years bee hind bars. The defense wanted probation. The reality is, the judge went a step further. He says, well, if you don't drink and don't do drugs and don't contact the victims in two years, the whole thing will be dismissed. It's like it never happened. And Dan is right about something. He said that one of the victim said, well, I don't want him to go to jail. You know what? I get it. She is feeling guilty, like it's her fault this happened to her. And I can't tell you how much that upsets me. I've dealt with so many rape victims. They're like, wow, was my skirt too short. Should I have been at that party? Did I have too much to dripg? Is it my fault? No, it's not her fault. One of the victims went out of state. Why didn't she want to go forward? That's we you have a prosecutor. You represent thevictims. They're not supposed to go into court and handle their case themselves. You do what is right. You lead the prosecution. And I think this case should have gone to trial. If you can't agree on a jail sentence on a rape case, then take to it a jury. It's very easy to say this case should have gone to trial. We should have fought this. What happens if he's found not guilty, right? Then there's zero accountability. Then you did your best. Maybe that's not good enough. Maybe in certain cases, the prosecutors are going to say, for two reasons, for two reasons. Number one, maybe the prosecute rers worried they won't be able to get a conviction. The number two, maybe the victims said, you know what, we don't want to be dragged through a trial. We want you to reach an agreement. Don't just say, oh, you know what, they should have taken this to trial, without knowing what's going on in the properti prosecutors' minds. This judge spent his whole life, practically, 30 years, as a public defender. What do you think hooets going to do when he gets on the bench? Side with the defendant. All he's worried about is this kid going to college. Really? There are calls to investigate this judge. We have seen the judge in the Stanford case facing calls for removal as well. I don't think you should tar this judge because he served as a public defender and somehow that's the problem. I'm not tarring him. He made a bad decision. I agree. It's a very lenient sentence. I think it's dangerous to start lumping cases in together. We have to evaluate them separately. I think Nancy would probably agree with me. That the turner case, on the spectrum, was worse than this one. You had eyewitnesses. Stanford. Right. The Stanford case. The possibility of a lot of prison time. I think that Kay was worse. I don't know. Is one rape worse than another? What do judges do every day? Every single day judges have to make decisions. Yes, they do. Right? So there's a spectrum. And this was a bad one. There's aggravated sexual assault. There's not aggravated sexual assault. These decisions happen every day. Thoo guy is going the walk free.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Judge Thomas Estes sentenced David Becker, 18, to probation after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two classmates. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41640556","title":"Calls for Judge's Removal After Sentencing of Teen in Sex Assault","url":"/GMA/video/calls-judges-removal-sentencing-teen-sex-assault-41640556"}