Cameron Diaz Discusses Her Role in the New Film "Sex Tape"

Robin Roberts interviews the actress who's promoting her new film, "Sex Tape."
5:36 | 07/14/14

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Transcript for Cameron Diaz Discusses Her Role in the New Film "Sex Tape"
save those little girls kidnapped by the islamic Fu fundamentalists there. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are married couple. They try to recapture the romance by making an intimate video. When it gets away from them, it's a hilarious comedy. It's called "Sex tape." Take a look. It went up to the cloud. You can't get it down from the cloud? Nobody understands the cloud. It's a mist pip all that's happened here is a minor syncing mishap. This is not minor. You know what? I'm on there, too. Nobody wants to watch you. Nobody cares about the guy. St the woman that has to live wit forever. Amen. We're excited to have our dear friend, Cameron Diaz, here with us. I was watching it over the weekend. So relatable. People say, sex tape, how is that relatable? You're about to do the press, the only thing people are going to focus on is the sex tape of it all. It's really just such a fun, sweet story about two people who love each other and ne that they're married to the right people. But they're just having a bit of trouble fitting in that thing you do with that person. You know. Very morning friendly. Thank you. Exactly. There will be a lot of people that watch it and go, yes. And you and Jason, I mean, I know it's a reunion of "Bad teacher." W but you can tell you trust one another. You have to be comfortable. We're doing silly thing that with another person might be really awkward. And, maybe inappropriate. But we're jus, we kind of describe it as a locker room sort of vibe. Lots of high-fives. Team -- let's go team. Okay, what's our strategy here? Between Jake, the director of bad teacher, that we all worked together. The three of us kind of in those more sort of moments that are a little bit more -- could be more awkward, it was like, me and Jason kind oup of with Jake above us going, just a little to the left. It's not really. You know, you're like this is kind of strange. It is national nude day. So it's good that we're talking about. ? What are we doing dressed? Don't start. Don't get the control room started. It's fitting we're talking about this. Last time you were here, your great book, body book. Fantastic. A lot of people have picked it up. I have picked up "Esquire." You on the cover. An amazing article. That really, you're just so comfortable. You're embracing maturity and you're about to turn 42. Yeah, I'm really excited. I think we need to change the conversation about aging. Among amongst us women in our society, it's a privilege to get to grow older. Not everybody gets to do it. You never know when this is going to end. I feel like, as you get older, your life gets better. You have more wisdom. You let go of the things that don't matter. If you do the work, make sure you're constantly moving forward, not trying the stay somewhere that you can't anymore. There's though such thing at anti-aiming. Reversal of aging. All you're ever doing the moment you're born is moving forward and, you know, growing not just in age and experience. I like to take that and move forward and have a better life. You have shared that with so many people. You have entertained us for years. There is something about your spirit that picks up with a lot of people. You're big on the social media. So many people -- I have pulled back on the social media myself, personally. Why is that? It's not my instinct to share what I'm doing. Isn't that weird? This is the first time that we have seen this much of you in a movie. You decided to pull back? I wish I was better. I'm not of the era of, hey, I have something to share. It's my breakfast. Here you go. Not my instinct. You have still very popular. People are asking about that. I want to get to a couple of questions. One via Twitter. No, this was on Facebook. Lori asked, what would Yo you do if what happened in the movie really did happen to you? First off, it just wouldn't happen. I don't thing -- technology hates me. I think it's a personal vendetta. I think it's like, I have stepped away from it. I wouldn't test it. I wouldn't test it. I wouldn't even put it on a -- put myself in the position to -- to for it to be uploaded into the cloud, which I think is one of those things that we haven't get mastered. We saw that in the film. Like he said, no one understands the cloud, even was like, amen. If they called it the vault, I would have been more comfortable. A cloud up sin waits it moves across the land and drops its content randomly across the world. I'm not into that. I want stability. I want the vault. And you're a true girlfriend. I had something on my nose when we came on, she's like, oh, get that. That's the mark of a true girlfriend. I wasn't going to let you go on national television like that. I appreciate that. Jase listen be on this week. You're going to have fun. Thank you so much for your time. "Sex tape" opens nationwide

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{"id":24549685,"title":"Cameron Diaz Discusses Her Role in the New Film \"Sex Tape\"","duration":"5:36","description":"Robin Roberts interviews the actress who's promoting her new film, \"Sex Tape.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cameron-diaz-interview-2014-actress-discusses-role-film-24549685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}