Canadian Solider Shot Outside Parliament Building

A suspect opened fire at a Canadian war memorial near Canada's Parliament in Ottawa.
5:14 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Canadian Solider Shot Outside Parliament Building
Hello Hornaday and pepper and York New York with some breaking news coming out of Canada you're looking at a live shot there. Where situation is still unfolding and at the Canadians a capital Ottawa and right now there is an active shooting scene underway right there Canadian soldier shot outside the parliament building in Ottawa. Multiple reports of shots fired inside parliament itself and you can see there. As urban going back and forth from these two life shuts that the police are on the scene there are securing the parliament building there. There is still a lot unknown at this point other than the fact that there were shots heard and reported this morning from eyewitnesses. One soldier that was standing guard a ceremonial position outside of the national war memorial outside of parliament there. Was hit this morning and was taken to the hospital but as you can see police there still. Responding. To this scene. A very active situation that's going on in audible right now police arm looks to be moving into the parliament building itself they've cordoned off. Us large section. Of this part of the capital there and you can see as police are moving. Secure even a larger area the police -- to the press other bystanders have been put up behind those barricades they're the tape has been put up. As again this is a very active situation wording continue to monitoring both of these live shots for any activity that might be coming in. In the meantime though just moments ago CTV's. Katie Simpson was outside the Canadian parliament in Ottawa with this update. What we can tell you this appears to be the first seen in this ongoing investigation. It was just before 10 o'clock this morning when witnesses tell me. They herder Sean they weren't sure what was going on they looked around and that's when they heard a second shot. And saw a soldier go down as you mentioned it was a soldier on duty at the national war memorial which is a ceremonial role typically there is someone who is they are on duty every day throughout these months up until November 11. And it was some one of those soldiers we believe that was shot in full uniform. He went down after that shot was fired witnesses say they then heard two more shots and saw the suspect running toward parliament hill. They describe him is wearing all black and carrying some sort of large. Gun and that's up from there that's when of course police were called paramedics arrived here at the war memorial they started performing CPR on that soldiers. He was taken away in an ambulance and are still waiting for an official update on his condition. At this time but he appeared to be young men and of course in full uniform at the national war room. Memorial I'm doing out my liberal MP John McCain you were inside when this happened take me through what happened this. We're not playing literally just economic giant to be doing to congress later this pop pop pop. Plus retention ponds don't really know thought it was dynamite relevant for construction or anything else suddenly the security guards come viruses on the hallways. Pressure is all I'm duke back to parliament buildings. Emerson around talking and then when the construction and says he says sales percent to as well. Probably a better idea to stand behind little minds as it is the insight you know. And then. We've got a bit better chances and then return concerns aren't another woman and she was apparently inspired me. Parliament inside the liner parliament saw the fell. We're not ready. Carrying guns. And then the implications of this start to sink in because in order you're looking in that position and agreed to you have to walk them all the lawn. All honor on the one side is the peacock ocean. Besides disease in the car. Most of the gets it right walking down. Homeowners saying it's like. Will be uninteresting now. This investigation. And then American pressure on they'll let me find out about the soldiers and this kind of a David changes everything. You said that this is a day that changes everything I can you speak to that end ECB didn't really start to feel emotion that is until you came outside and recognize him. He described. Parliament how you're feeling like well this. Poland is the people's house ultimately it is that the house of our democracy. Primary purpose. And access. He is kind of fundamental people I'll be able field three times. Axis there seed of democracy and also heard from people who represent them. And coverage. I'm really want to think about them I'm going to be forced to think about it. The implications. Heightened security. All of this stuff that we do in the name of security. Hands. The way in which will impact our dialogue on how we live in this country. And I thought just in a little bit me in this event ever heard of that conversation Michael Rogers says. You can fall into some pretty major titles.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"A suspect opened fire at a Canadian war memorial near Canada's Parliament in Ottawa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26374027","title":"Canadian Solider Shot Outside Parliament Building","url":"/GMA/video/canadian-solider-shot-outside-parliament-building-26374027"}