Candace Cameron Bure Talks Playing a Single Mom in 'Fuller House'

The actress dishes on her "Fuller House" character.
4:30 | 08/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Candace Cameron Bure Talks Playing a Single Mom in 'Fuller House'
We've been having fun all morning with Candace Cameron Bure, so much to talk about. She is coming back as dj on "Fuller house." Has a new book out called "Dancing through life" and she joins us right now. Good to see you again and this book "Dancing through life," it started outs a completely different book then you go on "Dancing with the stars," what changed? Yeah, it was scheduled to write a book about motherhood and after the show "Dancing with the stars" finished I called up my publisher and said I just had the most incredible experience of my life and learned so much about myself in these four months I was at the show and these were not just lessons about being on a reality show or a dance show, these were life lessons I'll take away forever. It changed me. Oil so glad you wrote that. We hear this from contestants all the time. It's the most intense experience of their life physically grueling and emotionally wrenching, as well. But fun too. It's all of those things all at the same time but you really have to have courage to even be on this type of show but that's something for life. Pushed me out of my comfort zone. Something I never thought I would do and because it gets so rough you have to stay the course. I mean you always have the choice to drop out if you really want or quit and it takes a lot of courage to stay -- to stick through it and stand with conviction and that was really the biggest platform. What dogs that mean stand with conviction. You know, a lot of people -- because I'm pretty outspoken Abt my faith and I think a lot of people were worried about me going on the show and saying the cause tombs are so sexy, how will you dance with someone that's not my husband. I know who I am in my faith and I think I can do the show and display all the things that I value and stand up with those convictions and do the show that and stay true to myself and I did and I wrote about how I handled that because there was criticism on both ends from people that were -- that shared my Christian faith and then people that don't. So -- You seem to go through it all with a lot of joy and had a great time. Yeah. We met you on "Full house" and in honor of that we are pulling out a clip from the very first show 25 years ago. Take a look. Do I have to share my room with her? Honey, it's going to be just like having a slumber party. Yeah, with only one guest who never leaves. Oh, my goodness. I feel like I've seen them all over because my kis are completely adigged to it, as well. Now you are all coming back in "Fuller house." How is it going to be different. Well, this show really revolves around the three of us women, dj, Stephanie and best friend kimny gibbler and we're all moms now and I'm playing a single mom raising three boys, and kimmy has a daughter and we're -- so this journey is really about the three women. It's a little flip-flop of the original show and it's -- I mean we taped two episodes already and it has been amazing and the fans, the people that have seen the live tapings are just -- we've had people crying because seeing us all back together and how nostalgic the show is and they're doing it really well. How did it work when you guys all get back on set? Is it like old times? Are you trying to feel your way through. We've been friends forever so for us it's Normal to hang out but when when we get on the setting to we just picked up right where we left off and the jokes from 20 years ago were right back there I mean, it was crazy, insane in the sense that we all had to top for a moment and say, like, we're all back here and we're together and we're doing this like this is a little bit deja Vu in the best way possible. None of us want it to end. I'll bet. We love watching you, as well, on "The view" where you're not afraid to speak your mind there either. Apparently not. No, you know what, I -- I love having that be the platform to be able to do that and like I said I'm not shy about who I am and what I believe and I'm not afraid to speak that. I think I appreciate people that stand for something, you know, and whether you agree with me or disagree with me, I think that's what makes the world go round. I love healthy conversations. And that's what we get whenever you're on. Thanks for coming in. The book "Dancing through life" is available right now and

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The actress dishes on her \"Fuller House\" character.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32847843","title":"Candace Cameron Bure Talks Playing a Single Mom in 'Fuller House'","url":"/GMA/video/candace-cameron-bure-talks-playing-single-mom-fuller-32847843"}