'Candelabra' Producer Gets Love Scene Approval from Damon's Mom

Jerry Weintraub discusses highly anticipated biopic on Liberace, "Behind the Candelabra."
4:40 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Candelabra' Producer Gets Love Scene Approval from Damon's Mom
And the candelabra the HBO film stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace as much younger lover. It -- at the Cannes Film Festival next week but here's a sneak -- -- need meets the honor. -- these bar. The homer raising -- order to talk let's start with -- cam at this morning the man behind it all executive producer Jerry Weintraub welcome back -- going to say thank you do it great to see you. -- you have done it all you've had so many blockbusters the Karate Kid movies all the oceans movies you know you've been in this business unit. Seems like forever his bid for a what you think this is the moving the can -- remember. I really do it's it's so different and Gordon Minnesota told loses because that -- -- -- is a new world. It's and I showed to he's had this very bold. And so what I do I think it's a pictures pity there's no question it is called -- -- -- takes your breath away. As you're watching it and I saw -- Michael Douglas. Said that he couldn't imagine if -- were Matt Damon's age he -- had the guts. To play this part was hard to get them to do this not. It was easy I had a great script by Richard would rather than -- great director and Soderbergh. And these two guys came on and they went full out -- did is went four. And it was it easy to do and for Matt to do it he's at the peak of his Korea. Michael is also again now at the peak of his. Eighteenth Korea -- is older so it's easier for him to say yes to something like this but for Matt it's a big step. The but he did it and he did a great job in fact. For the first scene that we shot Soderbergh was on the camera and I was sitting at my monitor. And I it is the scene was Matt coming out of the swimming pool. You know very brief wheelbase duty status whereabouts always wearing a -- thinks it's okay -- -- -- defensive. Comes out renovating city looks fantastic but this one hit and Michaels line and a -- -- admits that the Poland them back gets he -- to a -- -- Michael. Michaels has come to me in my head that -- and -- blaze have a slightly start kissing each other. And really kissing each other men by the way Michael said it wasn't hard to do and he put his hands on. Matching be realized. And that was moving up and down and -- And I said oh my god -- I do these are my friends wanted to do and I got up. And I looked to my left and it was a warmest day and it took my head -- off. And it was Matt's mother says oh what are the -- trouble and -- -- a -- -- she -- that was beautiful -- That obligation is like yeah we're all -- and you actually new -- -- -- very well. The he was fantastic. He -- known in Vegas and I know in Los Angeles he was a great host and a really nice guy he lived a tortured life. Because he lived at a time when if you gay and almost sector you could not come out of the -- -- was dating Sony had. We'd be talked about sort of hit -- penalty of the data we now for everything that is -- about -- you did. And and so flamboyant we see all the costs in the area right here but you just saw him necklace as -- he could really play. Oh yeah. He was of great great pianist he didn't care about it much that's not what drove his life. But that's what made of his life he was great -- -- but he was flamboyant he was. Lady Gaga. And Madonna and Elton John before available -- -- You know and that would assist you bring him here he's it will make he -- -- bank he's very nicely. Over the years and they made me sneakers. -- can't easily friend the colors of the French. Fled for the 2013. Can and these. -- -- -- inspired. Tuxedo sneakers. One of a kind and neither wants to walk around with a -- day can. The 2013. And it's his state is saying is in it too much of a good thing is wonderful. -- -- -- dragged her to respect that -- -- you. I live -- you have funny -- behind the candelabra premieres may 26. On HBO have got all the stars headed to GMA -- Michael Douglas Matt Damon Rob Lowe all come and.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Jerry Weintraub discusses highly anticipated biopic on Liberace, \"Behind the Candelabra.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19193059","title":"'Candelabra' Producer Gets Love Scene Approval from Damon's Mom","url":"/GMA/video/candelabra-executive-producer-jerry-weintraub-matt-damon-michael-19193059"}