'Captain Phillips' Lawsuit Claims He Was No Hero

Some of the Maersk Alabama crew claims they were "willfully" sent into an area with pirates.
2:09 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Captain Phillips' Lawsuit Claims He Was No Hero
Tom hanks is back on the big screen in the title role of the new drama "captain phillips," crediting the man who saved a cargo boat from a 2009 pirate attack. Now, the crew has filed a lawsuit, saying the actual captain phillips is far from the hero hanks plays on screen. Abc's cecilia vega has more. Reporter: It is based on a true story. Hollywood's version of captain phillips and his crew, attacked by somali pirates. I'm the captain now. Reporter: This morning, some of the men aboard the real "maersk alabama," are lashing out at the movie "captain phillips" before it hits screens next week. The movie tells a highly-fictionalized version of what happened. Reporter: Crew members are suing the ship's owner and operator. To make him a hero for driving the boat and the men into pirates-infested waters, that's the injustice here. Reporter: The crew members say there were warning to stay 600 miles away from somalia's coast. They claim they were knowingly, intentionally and willfully sent into an area with pirates because the route saved the company money. In the movie, captain phillips, played by tom hanks, offers himself as a hostage in exchange for his crew's safety. If you're going to shoot somebody, shoot me. Reporter: Phillips was free when u.S. Navy snipers killed the pirates. He came home a hero. I want to thank my crew. Reporter: But crew members like jimmy, say phillips put their lives in jeopardy. He told abc news overnight, captain phillips did not follow orders. The ship was attacked. And he was responsible. The case will go to trial in december. The ship's owner previously called it a meritless lawsuit. This morning, neither it nor the movie's makers have responded to request for comment. Neither has phillips. Though, he did attend the premiere for a movie some of his crew members now say turned their real-life nightmare into a work of fiction. For "good morning america," see celia vega, abc news, los angeles. Good luck.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Some of the Maersk Alabama crew claims they were \"willfully\" sent into an area with pirates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20441868","title":"'Captain Phillips' Lawsuit Claims He Was No Hero","url":"/GMA/video/captain-philips-lawsuit-claims-hero-20441868"}