Does 'Captain Phillips' Tell the Whole Story?

Tom Hanks portrays real-life captain who survived standoff with Somali pirates.
2:15 | 10/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Does 'Captain Phillips' Tell the Whole Story?
It may be the hottest movie of the weekend. Already an oscar contender for tom hanks. And generating controversy. "Captain phillips" tom hanks is a hero of the high seas. But does the film overlook key facts? And how is the real-life captain defending himself? Abc's brandy hit has the story from los angeles. Good morning, dan and bianna. A lawsuit has been filed by several of the real-life crew members who claim that the actual captain phillips led them into dangerous waters. Now, the captain is responding. Shots fired. Shots fired. Reporter: Captain richard phillips, played on the big screen by tom hanks -- we've been boarded by armed pirates. Reporte IS SPEAKING OUT. Defending himself from accusations from his former crew members, that instead of the high-seas heroism, depicted in the film, it was phillips' own actions that put them in danger. If you don't want to deal with pirates, you need to get another job. Reporter: Nine crew members from the real "maersk alabama," have filed a lawsuit against the shipping line. Saying they were knowingly, intentionally and willfully sent into water with pirates. And they said that captain phillips ignored alerts to stay 600 miles away from somalia's coast. The u.S. Navy puts the shape at only 250 miles away. The captain ignored warning signs. And put every person on this crew at risk. It's the type of society we live in. Some people feel wronged. And this is their avenue. Reporter: And the movie's director is also firing back. The depiction we have here of those events is accurate. Reporter: The controversy isn't addressed onscreen. But the drama unfolding offscreen could boost ticket sales. The crew warned captain phillip that the ship was too close to somalia. That case goes to trial in december, dan and bianna. When there's a controversy surrounding a movie, usually benefits the movie. Just spell the title correctly. Thanks, brandi. Coming up on "good morning

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{"id":20552064,"title":"Does 'Captain Phillips' Tell the Whole Story?","duration":"2:15","description":"Tom Hanks portrays real-life captain who survived standoff with Somali pirates.","url":"/GMA/video/captain-phillips-story-20552064","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}