New Car Service for Women Only

Chariot for Women offers female passengers a car service with all-female drivers.
3:18 | 04/11/16

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Transcript for New Car Service for Women Only
Let's turn now to that new ride app, aimed at women who may not feel safe with Uber and left. ABC's gio Benitez has the story. Reporter: Incidents like these is a passenger's worst nightmare. I'm afraid. Reporter: In January, she said her Uber driver dropped her off and refused to leave a neighbor finally scaring the driver away. Uber severing ties with him. Also in January, this Jacksonville left driver charged with battery after a woman said he attacked her in the backseat of the car. The driver pleaded not guilty. Calling his behavior absolutely unacceptable. Just last week, Uber agreeing to pay up to $25 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it misled consumers on background checks of its drivers. Lyft agreeing to pay $500,000 for similar. Now a former Uber driver and his wife Kelly offering an alternative service, chair got for women. The drivers all female aiming to give passengers peace of mind. From having thousands of passengers in my backseat, I heard stories that were about unsafe travel and Uber drivers hitting on women and just a lot of unsafe issues. Reporter: He said that the service will also cater to mothers with young children. But he admits he's not a guarantee of safety. We asked folks at the annual women's expo in Rhode Island if all-women drivers would make them feel safer. That doesn't exempt women from being -- . Reporter: Having just women and children in her backseat will likely protect the company's female drivers, too. If I were picking up man, I know he would be a lot stronger than me and I wouldn't feel comfortable. She taxis said they received an overwhelming positive response from its customers a but had to temporarily shut down because they couldn't meet the demand. But also because of accusations of discrimination from men looking for rides. You can't limit who you offer your services to. Reporter: Chariot for women said its business is well within the law. Th and Uber tells us it its technology makes it possible for safer rides in ways that have never been possible before. And left said the safety of their community is their top priority. It says both passenger and drivers will have a ride with a pass word. Robin, this is a very interesting conversation. It is. A conversation that will continue. Now to a star on a mission, Doug flutie brought the ballroom

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Chariot for Women offers female passengers a car service with all-female drivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38304596","title":"New Car Service for Women Only","url":"/GMA/video/car-service-women-38304596"}