Luis Fonsi says lyrics to 'Despacito' came to him in his sleep

The Latin superstar sang his record-breaking, smash hit this morning on "GMA."
4:25 | 08/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Luis Fonsi says lyrics to 'Despacito' came to him in his sleep
Are we having a good morning or what? Luis fonsi, just had a record-breaking hit "Despacito" for us, we appreciate it. We're so happy to have you here. Everybody is so excited. We've been waiting for you to get here because this song is number one in 47 markets around the world. Thank you. And but it came to you in your sleep. Yeah, I woke up one morning with -- ??? despacito ??? Na Na Na Puerto Rico ??? That's all I had. I'm more amazed at how you remembered your dreams. I can't do that. You know you had something special but this song didn't make your album. It took a while because I didn't know how I wanted to produce it. So it took a little bit to kind of get that perfect hybrid between pop and Latin urban then I called my buddy daddy Yankee a big part of this record and added his magic and it all came together. How does it feel, the first Spanish song to top the billboard and only behind lack Rayna and "La Bamba." A massive hit. When we started getting to the top ten in the top 100 I was like, man, I'm going to break the top ten. This is very exciting and finally got no number one and been there for 14 weeks and it's just a blessing. A huge surprise. This is a song that came to me in a guitar, you know, just the same way I've been writing songs for the last 20 years and I'm just so honored that the world has sort of connected to the song, Spanish song to see all these beautiful countries singing in Spanish. That's amazing. And you said earlier you did it with daddy Yankee but then Justin Bieber heard it in a club and he said, I want to be on the remix. Yeah. That was a fun phone call that I got about four months in. The song was already pretty big. Already huge in Latin America and Europe but I was actually doing Poe motion in Europe and got a call 2:00 in the morning saying that Justin Bieber heard a song and wanted to do a remix and I was like okay. Did you think it was real. It came from my label from universal music so had had to be real and this is exciting to get a huge superstar to get a different angle and he did a great job because he sang the first part in English, but he kept the chorus in Spanish and this had a complete English lyric but he wanted to keep sort of the originality of the original song so I thought it was great for him to, you know, take the time and record it in Spanish, as well. You have a daughter. I do. And I heard -- what does she think you do? She's going to come out? What did she think you did for a living? She -- I still think she thinks I'm a pilot. And why is that? Because I'm constantly, you know, in a plane so -- I mean I never really explain to her I'm going to go to this country to song. I'm going ton a plane. Okay, bye, so, daddy is a pilot. So now she kind of -- What does she think about you now. Now she thinks I'm cool entitlement because I sang with Justin Bieber, that's what it's all about. How does it feel for you to see so many people like you said across the world, you know, singing in Spanish and embracing this song, a song that you came up with in your sleep -- in your dreams. So are you trying to sleep more now to come up with more hit song. That's the secret behind the song, sleeping. There's not been a lot of sleeping lately which is a great problem to have in life, you know, again, to me the biggest -- the biggest reward for me is that people are enjoying this song, that it broke the language barrier, that the video broke records that everybody got to see the little island where I'm from because the video is -- was shot in Puerto Rico where I'm from and I wanted people to see the beauty of that island and everyone is enjoying it and dancing it and I've been touring literally N nonstop and landed yesterday. We were in Germany and Cyprus, in Turkey watching people sing in Spanish is big for Latin music. I'm glad you came here and excited our crowd. All our viewers at home. I know you're a big supporter of St. Jude as I I am and I want to

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{"id":49241299,"title":"Luis Fonsi says lyrics to 'Despacito' came to him in his sleep","duration":"4:25","description":"The Latin superstar sang his record-breaking, smash hit this morning on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/catching-luis-fonsi-live-gma-49241299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}